Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chillin' At The Beach!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no blog! I have been at the shore for the past week or so. It’s very peaceful and nice down here. Easy to ride your bike, or take a walk, and love the lazy days of reading on the beach. My house here is smaller and it’s easy to keep things neat and tidy, and mostly my plants are in pots, so not too much gardening to do. Always dog poop to pick up though!  Thank you princess TMI!!!

I find when I’m down here alone, I eat much more simply. Now I know you can’t blame others for overeating, or eating things you shouldn't,  but it sure is easy when you don’t have the temptations around everywhere, and you only have to cook for one.

Yesterday was rainy and I went out to do some errands. I was hungry and didn't want fast food, so I stopped into a Red Robin restaurant. We don’t have any near our house in PA, so this was new to me. The server explained they were mainly a burger place, although their salad menu looked great too.

So I ordered a fabulous burger named from something to do with the movie Wolverine. Not being a movie buff, I have no idea what it means, but here is how it’s described:

The Berserker Burger – Inspired by everyone’s favorite anti-hero, this burger packs an explosive punch of flavor!  The Berserker Burger features a fire-grilled burger topped with zesty aioli, spicy pickles, Sriracha onion straws and Cheddar cheese on a brioche bun.  This bold burger has Wolverine claw marks in the bun and is served with Bottomless Steak Fries®

Now you can order this on any sort of bun you want, or wrapped in lettuce! I know you Cali girls get your burgers like this all the time, but I have never seen it offered before like this with lettuce as a bun option. I was able to substitute the bottomless fries (tempting but I passed!) for a side salad.

The best part is the burger came wrapped in foil which made it easy to eat. I HONESTLY didn’t feel deprived of the bun at all, and the photo with the bun sure made it look tempting. I could have ordered it that way and had half the bun, but portion control has never been my forte!! There were no claw marks on my lettuce, but I tried not to let that ruin my lunch!!

Couldn't quite get the shot angle right, but you get the idea. The salad was great too. I forgot to tell them to hold the croutons, but I didn't eat them!

Hope all is well with everyone.  Sending love and hugs from me to you!! XO

PS Cant figure out why the font changes during this post. Another mystery of the blog template!

Thought for the day: Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. - Buddha


  1. I wish I could come hang with you at the beach - sound nice.
    I think I had one of those burgers the last time we went there and wrapped in lettuce too. You were a good girl.
    You can ask for lettuce wrapped anywhere you go you know. Most places will do it.
    Have a good one :-)

  2. Those lettuce wrapped burgers are messssssy, but good. I don't feel deprived of the bun when I order it this way, either. Good Job, Girl! The fries would've been too tempting for me so when I go to In N Out, I eat just a few of my sons fries(It really helps that he gives me a dirty look if I take too many of his fries....LOL)

  3. Good choices:) We love Red Robin here! I usually order the Clucks and fries with a side of the hot sauce and ranch. Yummy!
    I would love to be at the shore with you. The sound of the ocean, a good book, a glass of wine for you....Heaven:)
    Here is a long over due thank you! I had heard of the Pioneer Woman before you went to her lodge, but did not follow her blog or know how unbelievably cool she is! Thank you for turning me on to her. I just love her show and her blog. I would love to win something someday, but I thank you for the heads up!
    Listen to the waves for me!

  4. Love my lettuce wrapped burgers! i can honestly say that I'm not sure I will ever order one with a bun ever again. That one sounds fabulous, too!

    1. Sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately. It always makes me sign up as a follower each time I try comment, although I am signed up and get your posts delivered to my email, so I reply from there. Another glitch I have to try ad figure out. Sorry to hear you guys are sick. I thought that was a benefit to home schooling that you didn't pick up everyone elses germs. Hope you are enjoying what's left of summer! XO!

  5. Hi Patty! I've never commented on your blog before although I have read it. I totally get you about being alone and eating more simply, I'm very seldom alone so I'm cooking for my family often! Being alone sometimes sounds good! I love Red Robin their burgers are so good! I never have a problem ordering my burgers without the bun. Wendy's also makes a pretty good and quick bunless burger. They put it in a great container, and I always ask for extra lettuce and tomato! I sometimes order a side salad too, it's really good and fresh! Enjoy the ocean! I love it too!!!
    ~ Francie ~

    1. Thanks for the comment Francie! Also for the Wendy's tip. I have to be more assertive and just ask for my lettuce wrapped burgers. Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting! XO!