Monday, March 21, 2011

Into every life some rain must fall!

It's a rainy Monday.  The first day of spring has come, but it's cold and dreary, cloudy and gray.I went to bed too late, got up too early and am struggling for motivation to get simple things done. The morning is flying by and my to do list is still long. I just want to surf the web, read blogs, organize my recipes and drink hot coffee. So what's wrong with that? Nothing except that it's making me feel lazy. I'm reading a book on my Kindle (love it by the way!). It's called the The Happiness Project, and the author says to act how you want to feel. Sounds silly, but it has actually worked for me on a number of occasions. So I'm getting off my butt, and going to attack my 'to do' list. It will make me feel better, more energetic.

I'm also going to renew my committment to my eating plan. I have been trying to follow the Belly Fat Cure way of life eating plan for over a year now. I believe in it's premise, limiting daily sugar and carbs. It's easy to follow and makes sense. I haven't exactly set the world on fire with it. I follow a few blogs of people who have had amazing success. I need to reevaluate it  to see if I am really following it the way I should. I have resolved to only weigh myself once a month to cut down on my scale obsession. Wednesday is the day. I will post my results good or bad. I have set what I think is a reasonable goal of 5 lbs for the month. I hope I make it!