Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oldies but goodies #2 - Living in the Moment

In the spirit of keeping our motivaton going, and because I am on a week at the beach vacation, I decided to revisit some of my older posts, and post them again.

When I first started this blog, I didn't have very many people stopping by (sometimes none), and  some of the posts I wrote back then, are very appropriate for where some of us are right now. We've succumbed to the lazy days of summer and have let go of some good habits, or we are still very stressed with issues going on in our lives, and we aren't taking enough time to give ourselves what we need. Whatever  it is, and where ever you are, I think some of these messages are helpful. Enjoy the waning days of summer!

Excerpt from a blog post I wrote 12/4/11

I started thinking later in the day, about how many things that I want, or want to do, that I have put off in my life, until after I'm thin and lose the weight that I want. It's kind of like putting your life, your desires and dreams on hold until it happens. I didn't try paddleboarding last vacation because I didn't want to look bad in the video in my bathing suit. I'm pretty athletic, and I knew I could do it, but I didn't want photo evidence to show me how I really looked. I didn't do the zip line because I was afraid they might ask me what I weighed before harnassing me up. I am afraid of heights, so there were two reasons for avoiding this one! I didn't buy a certain something or this coat, because the size wasn't what I wanted it to be. All of this because I was putting it off until I reached a certain number in my weight.

So among all the other goals I have set for myself ( log my food, drink more water, get enough sleep, check in on the blogs), I decided that I'm not going to put anything off because of my weight. I might not be the most graceful person zipping above the canopy, or the skinniest person paddleboarding, or have the smallest size coat, but if it feels right, then I'm going for it! I'm gonna dance like no one's watching! In fact I did last weekend at a restaurant/bar we were at. I'm sure everyone was watching my 27 year old future daughter in law anyway!! LOL! Take care, until next time.

Thought for the day: Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life - Buddha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oldies but goodies #1 The Little Engine That Could!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been AWOL for a bit. The lazy, hazy days of summer are sometimes hectic and crazy aren't they? Still I am starting to feel the subtle change of the the seasons. The days are a bit shorter, the mornings a little cooler and we know there isn't much  time left to enjoy the summer season. I will be sorry to see summer go, but I do love the fall too

I am at the shore this week. I am staying through the Labor Day holiday. I am welcoming a slower pace down here. But once everyone descends upon this sleepy little beach town, the house will be full of energy, laughter, and dirty towels! I don't think any house is ever big enough for big groups of overnight guests. Still my boys always say that those are the favorite times, when everyone is packed in together, sleeping on sofas and on the floor in sleeping bags ( kids, not adults!!). Times like this are especially challenging when one is trying to adhere to a different way of eating. It's like walking through a field full of land mines. There are always lots of things around that normally wouldn't be, and lots of times that my will power is tested.

 Last week was a busy one and I celebrated my birthday, pretty much all week with get togethers with family and friends, and dinners out almost every night. So that gasp I let out when I got on the scale this morning was actually not a big surprise. I am feeling that some of you are going through this as well from what I am reading on the blogs and the facebook page. Because of this, I wanted to copy some of my older posts this week while I am getting that last little bit of summer relaxation. I need continual motivation, and I know many of you do too.

So, during this last week of summer vacation, I will  repost some of the oldies but goodies, in my opinion. Hopefully I will get the motivation I need, and maybe you will too!! Sending love and hugs from me to you!!


I was sitting on the beach yesterday when I read Rosalie's post. What a wonderful accomplishment to meet her goal. Then this morning I logged onto blogger and was going through my dashboard, and saw post after post of good news from all of you. I really felt motivated reading everyone's blogs. All so different, but so much good advice. Everyone on a different path of the journey, but all heading towards the same goal of weight loss and better health.

For some reason while thinking over all that I had read, I thought of a book that I loved reading when I was little, and loved reading to my kids. It's called The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper.

Here is a quick version I took from Wikipedia in case you don't know the story.

A little railroad engine was employed about a station yard for such work as it was built for, pulling a few cars on and off the switches. One morning it was waiting for the next call when a long train of freight-cars asked a large engine in the roundhouse to take it over the hill "I can't; that is too much a pull for me," said the great engine built for hard work. Then the train asked another engine, and another, only to hear excuses and be refused. In desperation, the train asked the little switch engine to draw it up the grade and down on the other side. "I think I can," puffed the little locomotive, and put itself in front of the great heavy train. As it went on the little engine kept bravely puffing faster and faster, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."
As it neared the top of the grade, which had so discouraged the larger engines, it went more slowly. However, it still kept saying, "I--think--I--can, I--think--I--can." It reached the top by drawing on bravery and then went on down the grade, congratulating itself by saying, "I thought I could, I thought I could."

I thought of this book because I have often doubted, and sometimes still do, whether I can reach my goal. I know we all have. It's part of the journey. But all those that did reach their goal, just kept trying and trying, like the little engine, trying to pull that train uphill when it was never sure it could.  It started slowly, but gained momentum and accomplished what it set out to do.

While looking at all of the success I see, and evaluating why I'm the slow loser, I had to ask myself, am I trying as hard as I could? Yes, on most days, but no, on the weekends. For some people like me, that may be the reason their loss is slower. It can also be genetic, hormonal, thryoid disorder or whatever. But it could also be adherence to the plan or lack of it. When coupled with the other issues beyond our control, it can lead to a slower loss. That's where I'm finding myself these days.

 But today I woke up, put on a pair of shorts that were tight in the beginning of the summer and they zipped right up. So there are other ways to measure progress too, even when the scale is inching down ever so slowly. Also another measure of success for me is not having those crazy sugar cravings, or constant feelings of needing to eat something. I am convinced those were swings in my blood sugar that caused those feelings. I really feel so much more control now that sugar is pretty much out of my life.

So I am keeping my goal of climbing up that mountain, just like the Little Engine. It's so nice that I have all of you who have made it over the top or are almost there to guide me along. I think of you often when my motivation is waning. For you it happened. I think I can, turned into I know I can,and it happened. The train reached it's goal. It didn't know it could, but that little train tried and tried, and it did. Just like you!

Thought for the day:  "I--think--I--can, I--think--I--can." It reached the top by drawing on bravery and then went on down the grade, congratulating itself by saying, "I thought I could, I thought I could

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bless me Jorge....for I have sinned!

I ate bread.....and some more bread....at an Italian restaurant.   It was warm....and covered with good things.....

I are pizza....it was cold....from the fridge....

I ate a mini cheesecake....it was just what you think it would be....creamy and good.

Mini Cheesecakes I Recipe

For these and all my sins.....I am sorry!!***

Thought for the day:  Confession is the first step to repentance.    --English Proverb quotes



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When your "N" isn't working!

Good morning everyone!

It's been a hectic (is that a common theme for me?) couple of days, and just getting around to reading the latest blog posts. The honeymooners came back yesterday. It was wonderful to see them, and they had an amazing time in French Polynesia. I am going to post some photos later this week of this amazing part of the world.

I titled this post "When your "N" isn't working because I am having trouble with the 'n' key on my laptop keyboard.

I really need the 'n' and it is holding me back from getting where I want to be, which is typing this post.

One little letter is holding me back, and it's taking me much more time to type this because I have to press extra hard to get the letter to type. It's frustrating, time consuming, and irritating all at once. I feel like stopping this post and giving up. Or maybe I should move over to the desktop. Try something new. No matter what I use, laptop or computer, I am determined to finish this post.

Hmmmmm....sound familiar? I am hearing some of this in the blog posts. People are getting frustrated, questioning the dietary path they are on, and feeling bad because they are not doing what they know they should, and not getting to where they want to be. We are always looking for something new, easier and guaranteed. It's normal to question the path we are on.

But all of us know what works best for us. It's not usually a one size fits all approach. Most of us tweak things alittle to fit our lifestyle. Read Dawn's post to see what I mean http://dawnsdailychocolate.blogspot.com/2012/08/almost-gave-up-on-bfc-last-week.html

When I read this post, this is how I responded:

"I read this post last night in bed on my iphone. I first thought, OMG, this is me too. Sometimes I feel like a BFC phony because I am not perfect. I have alittle pasta once in a while. I slip with sugar, but mostly it's the white carbs. I wonder what makes me think I can contribute anything to a blog post that will help anyone. But then I realize I am what most people are like, and so are you. We vascillate between things, tweaking and changing, and always looking at new ideas and foods. But it's our personal journey and when it comes down to it, the BFC is the closest to the way I know I can eat for life, because it isn't totally exclusive of anything. So I'm with you girlfriend, recommitting to the BFC, trying to incorporate a few grain free days here and there, but watching my sugars and carbs, and calories too for that matter. They do matter for me and for you too. Sending hugs and love and thanks for your honesty. Let's get back on the bandwagon and get to work!! XO"

In this journey we have our pioneers ( Amber and Rosalie come to mind) who follow the plan the way it should be, and show us how it's supposed to be done. We have our explorers (Kay) who try to fit things they love into the plan, but continue to have success, and the rest of us (too many to name), who mostly have it figured out, but like to tweek and change things here and there to get  better results or feel better. We are all different, and on slightly different paths, but going in the same direction.
So whatever you are doing that works...keep doing it. If something isn't working...keep trying to figure out why. If it was a one size fits all approach, it would be a perfect world, and we would be perfect people. But it isn't and we're not.
We are unique, and special, and beautiful....each and every one of us.  So forge ahead, recommit,  pick yourself up if you've fallen by the wayside, and onward we go! Sending love and hugs! XO

Thought for the day: " Stay commited to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." - Tom Robbins

making tracks

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thoughts from my bed....I mean head!!

Good morning. I'm trying something new and writing this blog from my iPad. It's not as easy. I  don't think an iPad is meant for lots of writing.   I'm at the beach and I jumped in the car with the dogs and a small bag yesterday. I left the laptop home. Well there is one downstairs in the den, but the point is I'm trying to be a minimalist this weekend. I realize I often don't post if I don't have something worthwhile to share and maybe some photos.

So I'm just sharing a few thoughts that are on my mind this beautiful morning. Oh and I'm still in bed and my husband just brought me coffee!

1) I made the cheesecake muffins everyone is talking about and used the Swerve I wrote about in the last post. Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and without giving TMI, it may give a little gas like other sugar alcohols. I used more than the recipe called for. Of course not sure if you can substitute the xylitol and swerve one for one. Anyway I was pleased and they were very good.

2) Does anyone know if or how you can be notified if a blogger responds to your  comment post? I commented on Dawns post yesterday and if I hadn't checked back today I wouldn't have known she replied to my comment. I get notified when someone posts on my blog but not if someone comments on my comment. Confused yet?

3) I have made some bad choices the last few days. But I'm not that upset right now. I have the tools and knowledge to get right back on track. Side note to Dawn.....that cupcake....forget about it!!!

4) When typing on the iPad I realize you need to be gentle .......just like we need to be with ourselves!!

5) Oh one last thing.....If you happen to be at the new restaurant in our town....don't let them keep bringing their pails of homemade potato chips out. Just an FYI!!!

Sending hugs and love! XO

Thought for the day: When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. -Aang