Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thoughts from my bed....I mean head!!

Good morning. I'm trying something new and writing this blog from my iPad. It's not as easy. I  don't think an iPad is meant for lots of writing.   I'm at the beach and I jumped in the car with the dogs and a small bag yesterday. I left the laptop home. Well there is one downstairs in the den, but the point is I'm trying to be a minimalist this weekend. I realize I often don't post if I don't have something worthwhile to share and maybe some photos.

So I'm just sharing a few thoughts that are on my mind this beautiful morning. Oh and I'm still in bed and my husband just brought me coffee!

1) I made the cheesecake muffins everyone is talking about and used the Swerve I wrote about in the last post. Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and without giving TMI, it may give a little gas like other sugar alcohols. I used more than the recipe called for. Of course not sure if you can substitute the xylitol and swerve one for one. Anyway I was pleased and they were very good.

2) Does anyone know if or how you can be notified if a blogger responds to your  comment post? I commented on Dawns post yesterday and if I hadn't checked back today I wouldn't have known she replied to my comment. I get notified when someone posts on my blog but not if someone comments on my comment. Confused yet?

3) I have made some bad choices the last few days. But I'm not that upset right now. I have the tools and knowledge to get right back on track. Side note to Dawn.....that cupcake....forget about it!!!

4) When typing on the iPad I realize you need to be gentle .......just like we need to be with ourselves!!

5) Oh one last thing.....If you happen to be at the new restaurant in our town....don't let them keep bringing their pails of homemade potato chips out. Just an FYI!!!

Sending hugs and love! XO

Thought for the day: When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. -Aang


  1. Patty, to receive updated replies from others, you just need to click on the "subscribe by email" link just below the "post a comment" box that you type in when leaving comments.

  2. Oh Daisy didn't know that...
    I hope you are having a good time Pattie, When I bake stuff I just taste it first with my finger before I put it in the oven to see if its sweet enough. The next time I am gonna add some lemon and more sweetener. Have fun :-)

    1. Here's something I just learned - apparently some of the sweetness dies down from baking so better to be a little sweeter before baking. I usually use 1/2 of whatever sweetener is called for and find things sweet enough for me (I'm sure others wouldn't think so).

  3. What a great start to your day:) Enjoy the down time as I am sure you will be really busy again soon. I would NOT be able to say no to homemade potato chips, no way, no how!
    I didn't know that about the subscribe by email either! Good thing we learn something new every day!
    I have a feeling it is going to be Fall before I decide to really be "good" again. I have definitely been "better", but "good", not so much:)
    Hugs to you and breath in some ocean breeze for me!

    1. I thought you might not have known that, Kay, because I've replied to your questions on several occasions and you never responded.

  4. Thank you for the comments and advice Pattie! Homemade potato chips? I wouldn't be able to just have one, and then I'd regret it later. :)

  5. Catching up Pattie, and wanted to tell you that your son's wedding looked absolutely amazing!! Like a fairytale! I'm so happy for you and glad that you are able to relax a bit now after making such wonderful memories!

  6. Oooohhhh. Potato chips are trigger food for me. I would have to avoid the restaurant totally. I love my ipad but agree that it's hard to write alot at one time. Altho, it's easy to schlep for just an overnight. Enjoy your time.