Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fitting in Fitness

Good morning everyone. I really miss blogging and I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a week. I am keeping up with all of your blogs. I just got a new phone and I'm having some trouble posting to the blogs. Last night I wrote Rosalie a comment ( while sitting on the side of my bathtub at 11:30 at night!!) but it just wouldn't post. So I gave up. I have been reading and keeping up, either on my phone or Ipad, but often just squeezing it in between something else I'm doing. I'm with you all. Please don't forget me as I try to settle into my new routine.
Yesterday was the one month anniversary of Beths's death. It was a sad day. I didn't see it coming, but should have expected it. Like my brother said, as I stood in his driveway last night in the cold dark night, this isn't getting any easier, in fact it's getting harder, because it's really sinking in that she's not coming back. I agree, and without going into personal details, since I realized that this is my blog, and not necessarily how the other family  members want things shared, I have to say my sweet niece let the floodgates open yesterday and it broke my heart into a million pieces hearing her sad feelings pour out, feeling her fear and uncertainties about what her future will be like without her mom. This is not fair, but many people go through things in life that aren't fair.We can't ask, why us, when why not us is the real question.  It just seems so young to have to go through this at the ages of 11 and 15.
So I am  holding my own and trying very hard to follow a good eating plan. It's hard when I'm not always sure what will be for dinner. The meals from the neighbors are starting to fade off, so my  mom and I will be planning more. I cook totally different now then when I had kids at home. Of course I can't go in and change everything, nor should I, but there is alot of carby, sugary stuff around.As was the case when my kids were young, favorite meals are carb based, like pastas and rice and stuff I'm trying to avoid. I am taking Rosalie's suggestions and carrying some of my own snacks. This requires some preplanning, and that's where I have to budget my time and plan better.  The other night it was takeout pizza that my brother brought home. I forgot about Kay's tip to eat one slice with cheese, and the topping from another slice. I ate two slices. They were so good! Pizza is one thing I have always had a weakness for. Of course, I am totally aware of the emotional/comfort connection that the pizza had with my sad, helpless feelings. For a minute, we were talking, enjoying the comfort of the pizza, and things seemed ok. Just for a minute, and then reality always comes crashing back in.These types of situations are going to require me to have a game plan handy. When you are in your own home, you can control what you buy, and also what's available to eat. It's a change for me being outside of my home several afternoons and evenings a week. 
I realize that my time is very divided now and I must make and stick to a schedule. I am trying to get back to at least a  5 day exercise routine. I have always had that in my life, but the last few years, it is sporadic and not always consistent. I have found a workout that I really like from women's health. I am doing this everyday. It's quick and fast, and I like the exercises. www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/valerie-waters. I can't figure out to copy the link, so if you're interested you'll have to type it in your browser. Of course, I always walk the pups each day, but I wanted something a little more challenging. As if I don't have enough challenges right now!!
I also get daily emails from a blog called zen habits ( www. zenhabits.net). I found the article listed at the end of this post,  very interesting. It shows how, with just a few minutes here and there, you can fit something quick in your schedule that will raise your overall fitness level. Let me know what you think. As always sending all of my friends, love and big hugs from me to you!
Thought for the day:  “It is impossible to connect the dots of our lives looking forward, only looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something…guts, destiny, life, karma, whatever… because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path and that will make all the difference.” Steve Jobs
 The Thousand Cuts Fitness Program
written by Leo Babauta.
I’ve trained for marathons, triathlons, 10Ks, a 13.5-hour challenge, Ubanathlons, and more. But my favorite fitness program isn’t one where you train for a major event.
It’s where you get fit by a thousand little actions.
When the actions are tiny, they are easy. You have no excuse. You can do them anywhere, all day long.
I fold fitness into my life, like blueberries into batter, and it becomes a part of the recipe, not just a topping.
If you haven’t found a way to get fit, try the Thousand Cuts Fitness Program. There is nothing better for those who don’t have the time.
Here’s how it works:
1. Right now, do something that only takes 1 minute. It might be a few pushups, bodyweight squats, an attempt at a pullup, a few lunges. You have time to do 1 minute.
2. In an hour or so, go for a walk if you can. If you’re in decent shape, make it a fast walk. Add some hills for challenges. If you’re not in good shape, just walk. Later, add some spurts of fast walking.
3. Later in the day, do a few more 1 minute activities.
4. Gradually build the 1 minute activities into 2 or 3 minutes. Then 4 or 5 of them. Add more of them throughout your day.
5. As much as you can, turn the activities into play. Throw your kids around. Run through a park and climb trees and benches. Race people. Play a sport.
6. Get a pullup bar for your home. Every time you walk by it, try to pull yourself up. If you can do pullups, do a few, or 10, every time you pass the bar.
7. Get a kettlebell. Swing it a few times a day.
8. Run places. Walk places quickly.
Always be active. It’s not hard, if you do it in tiny bits. You can’t say no to 1 minute, or even just a few seconds. And if you do a thousand of them, you’ll be fit.
Fitness is a part of my life now, but it wasn’t when I started. I did it in little bits, without designating a certain time as “workout time”. My whole life is workout time.


  1. Love that whole post, Pattie! I am trying to incorporate that little bits of exercise into my day too. A few push ups here, a few sit ups there. Now if only I had a place to put a pull up bar, that would be awesome for everyone in the house!

  2. Just the fact that, during these difficult times, you are conscious of what you are eating, how you need to be eating, and what you can do about it is wonderful.

    The author of French Women Don't Get Fat says the same thing about exercise. Her favorite type is the kind that is built into your daily routine. Walk or ride your bike to as many places as possible instead of taking your car, take the stairs whenever possible, do yard work, walk the dog, etc. I like this because, honestly, I don't like going to the gym; never have, can't imagine I ever will.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  3. I agree with you all...and especially in these sad and challenging times you are aware of your eating and exercise is quite remarkable. Take care Pattie

  4. I love the entire post, I hate that you are having to go through such sadness and pain.
    I am going to copy and paste the last part of the blog. I have so much time during the day to just do "something" and I find an excuse for every minute.
    I wish I could help in some way to heal your heart, Beth's family's heart. It is just so inconceivable that these things happen to such good people. I can only imagine the things that are going through their heads when they go to bed at night.
    Bless you Ms. Pattie, just try and be good to yourself for a minute every day. Then maybe a minute will turn into 2.....

  5. Exercise seems to help a lot and I highly recommend it. So glad you're taking care of yourself in these sad times.
    XXOO & Namaste-