Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Wednesday!

Well today it's Wednesday. It's a day with a lot of meaning for a lot of different people. Or perhaps no meaning at all, and that's ok too. For some it's hump day, and it means the week is winding down and the weekend is close. For me it is Wednesday weigh in......clean sheet Wednesday.....and Sushi Wednesday!!! Such an exciting day...if it all works out that is!

Let's talk about sushi Wednesday. We go most Wednesdays with our neighbors and best friends, to a restaurant called Blue Fin. We love the sushi there. It is fresh, and the dishes are very creative and delicious. Here is a photo of a favorite. It's called spicy tuna sundae and I want it for my last meal. It has ahi tuna, avocado, nuts and a special spicy sauce, that may or may not have alot of sugar. In this one dish, I choose not to know this. It's just that good. And just that worth it!

Another highlight of Wednesday is clean sheets. Don't ask my why I choose this day to change them. For me, it's easier to do in the morning on this day than any other. I LOVE clean sheets. If I was Oprah or had a daily maid, I'd have them changed several times a week. But I'm not, so I don't. When we go to hotels, I have been known to take apart the beds, and look at the brand of sheets, down comforter, pillows and all the other bedding. I can be bed obsessed. In Italy I was amazed at how the sheets were white, soft, and crisp on the beds where we stayed. I love soft, white and crisp. I am not into soft and silky. I want soft and crisp. It may sound contradictory, but it is not. When you find the right sheets, you know that soft and crisp can coexist. I am still looking for that perfect sheet set. I have actually found online articles from others also searching for them. I'll post about that at another time! That being said, I love my bed, I love to sleep. I love crisp, soft, white sheets.I have modified it to look like so many of the beds I see in hotels. I have a very nice comforter, but now I fold it down at the bottom of my bed. I sandwich my down comforter between two sheets instead of a duvet. I have a strong dislike for duvets.I have been caught inside them too many times while trying to get the comforter down in the corners. I'm claustropobic and it's not good to caught inside a duvet! I also love pillows. I have lots of pillows on my bed. First there is a king size pillow, with a king size decorative pillow that matches the comforter in front. This is followed by two standard pillows on each side. Then I put the decorative fancy pillows in front. I make it this way every single day. I never have a day when I don't make my bed. As Martha Stewart once said, the bed is the biggest thing in the room. Even if everything else is a mess in your room, if your bed is made, it doesn't look so bad.So here is what my bed looks like. I really love my bed!

And that leaves the only other Wednesday highlight, which is my weigh in. This week was not what I was hoping for. I was up 4/10 of a pound. I had a goal to be down at least one. I guess that pizza comfort food and the extra carbs did me in. No worries. There is always next Wedesday to improve.
Sending you love and hugs!

Thought for the day: Wednesday, the fourth day of the week. The next day after Tuesday. Clean sheet, sushi, and weigh in day for some!


  1. I have to say that sushi sundae thingy looks really good. Can I come with??
    You bed looks so beautiful too :-)

  2. That sushi looks delicious and so beautiful.
    Do you feel like your room is a's lovely.

  3. Hey beautiful!!! I have missed you!!!!
    Ok, not to be the party pooper, but Im not a sushi girl so I wouldnt be joining you for that. Im not a big fan of seafood. Fish for lent (smothered in ranch dressing! lol) and maybe some shrimp. Thats it for this girl in the fish dept.
    Your bed is lovely and I am almost OCD with making my bed. Its not a Martha Stewart bed by any stretch but the pillows have to be in the proper spot & my hubby just throws them on & I have to go & re fix them. Sometimes I just wanna do it myself but its a big bed & I end up going back & forth too many times so I just drag him in to help me make the bed. I HATE crawling into an unmade bed at the end of the day & I have been kknown to make my bed & then turn it down to get into it. Isnt that just crazy??? And downright weird???
    You didnt gain much so shake it off & get back on the horse. You sound like your spirits are better. I pray for better days for you and think of you often. :)
    xoxo Sherri

  4. Oh, and I love clean sheets too!! I ALWAYS have to have Downy Fabric softener in the rinse water. I love to crawl into those sheets when they smell like that! Mmmmmmm!! One of my favorite things!!

  5. I love sushi and my bed too! Unfortunately, my hubby is always in bed after me, so I never get to make it right when I get up, which is what I prefer. Your best looks very restful! It's funny, for Christmas my hubby and I both got each other a new set of pillows, so now we have four new pillows for the bed - I am in Heaven! He also got us some of those silky sheets, which I find a little too staticky and they slide right off the bed! I need to get my crisp and soft sheets back on. *sigh* I also make my bed before getting in at night if for some reason the bed isn't made.. LOL

  6. How is my sweet Patti? I love Wednesday's because I have Thursdays off so that makes me happy. I have tried sushi once and I can not say I am a fan of it. I do have to agree that clean sheets are the best ever. I never have heard of soft crisp sheets but I can understand what you are talking about. Martha would have a fit if she came to my house since there are days I dont make my bed.....boy I feel bad now.

  7. If there is anything better than clean sheets, it is clean sheets with freshly shaved legs...oh yeah baby! Ok, so I bought this pair of sheets at the Outlet Mall (at I think the Springmaid store that was going out of buisness) several years ago...they were called "Cool Sheets" or something like that. AMAZING crisp, cool sheets that were to die for! Of course, something happened that I had to throw them out. :( Damn, I need new sheets, lol!