Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This one's for Kay!

Hello my fellow bloggers. I just read Kay's post and realized how much I look forward to hearing from everyone too. She commented on how the blog posts are alittle scare. I love knowing what's going on, how you are eating, what's going through you head. I get a little disappointed when I log on and there are no new blogs from our little club ( love how Kay called it our secret club...although we welcome anyone new!). My excuse is busyness. We are all so busy. I feel neglectful of things if I stop to blog when I have so many things to do.

 I also feel that if I don't have much to say, or don't have some new thought or tip, no one will care what I write. But I care what others write, so I'm just going to ramble on,and hope you care what I write!

 Last night I made a version of the recipe Jorge posted yesterday. I used this mesh screen that my mom bought me from QVC. I don't have a pizza stone, and if you saw all the kitchen stuff I do have, you would be surprised that there isn't one somewhere in a closet or something. In any event, this little screen is supposed to crisp up store bought pizza, bread, or anything you would put in the oven to crisp. It works great.

 Ready to go into the oven.One for me and one for my husband.
So I used the flat out bread, and topped it with some blue cheese crumbles, some sliced grilled chicken, some fresh mozzarella slices and a little garlic powder. It was very good, although I may have went overboard alittle on the blue cheese. In Jorge's recipe, there is the "sweet" acorn squash with the maple syrup. That probably balances out the strong blue cheese flavor. I love blue cheese, but it just seemed a little overpowering. So I will use less next time. I didn't top it with the arugula because I had some greens in the salad I made.

The mushroom salad plus some added watercress.
A great meal. That's water with lemon, but it looks funny!
Speaking of the salad, I also made the mushroom salad that Jorge posted as well, and I added some watercress to it. I thought it was delicious. It's a simple salad, but you get the lemon, olive oil, mushroom and parmesan cheese flavors coming through. Use a really good parmesan though. I grated some from a wedge using the microplane.  This one definitely wouldn't be for you Kay, as you have to be a mushroom lover. I ate the whole flat out ( my plate only shows half) and a good bit of the salad, and it was very satisfying. My nice glass of Chardonnay was a perfect addition to the meal.
Until next time!

Thought for the day: "Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save." ~Will Rogers


  1. You had me at Chardonnay! Haha! The pizza looks great and we love what you have to say! Ramble all the way.....I'm the Queen of rambling so I hear ya, sister! :) Hope things aren't too cold out there in PA? I know everyone laughs at us in Calif., but it was 58 degrees today and I was freezing my butt off! I had to work with my boss today, so there was a little sweating involved, too! Ha! How do you guys deal with Reps in your hubs office? I'm so not the pushy rep! I'm the rep that says, "Here, sign, I brought you samples...... Bye!" Haha...LOL! I actually took my boss to meet my twin sis, who's an NP, in my territory. She was shocked that we are so different. See there I go a-rambling :) HOpe all else is well!

  2. You are a good woman! I love reading just every day things. Anything. You are a gifted writer so it never seems that you are just rambling!
    You are right, no mushrooms for me, or blue cheese!Eeek!!!
    I'm just a simple girl:)Give me a little smokie and some potato chips and it was a good party to me!

  3. Hi Pattie, Your food looks great! Way to improvise. I also look forward to reading everyone's blogs and whatever is going on.
    We really need each other.
    Have a great day :-)

  4. What a beautiful meal.
    I haven't cooked a decent meal in a while. I'm on plan, but it's been very boring. I need something delicious. I need a cook...that's what I need-a personal chef!
    ...and you never ramble.

  5. I agree with everyone too- you don't ramble, and you don't need to advice to blog! I should take my own advice too,but like you said, we get busy with stuff and that's just the way it goes...

  6. Looks delish Pattie! They looked huge so Im glad you showed it on your plate, you can really see the portion size.

    The holidays are a really hard time for ppl, and hard to stay on a diet much less find the time the write about it. I used to just read everyone's blogs and only comment on occasion, but Im making a effort to do that more often! I know how bloggers love comments!

  7. Hey girl!!! Im with Jeri, bring me a personal chef....or better yet,why dont you come on over & cook for me! hee hee! Girls night out!!! I think we need to plan a get together sometime next year. How fun would that be????
    I would have to pass on the flat out but it looks good. Not a fan of the flat out or bleu cheese. Your presentation is amazing though! I would want to eat it because you made it look so pretty! :)
    I have been negligent in blogging lately, just been busy! Its December!
    Have a great day!!!!!

  8. Oh, Pattie, that alcohol post. I bet that's why my body fat percentage isn't going down the way I want it to. Sigh. Guess it's time to cut back. :(

  9. Hi Pattie, I'm finally catching up on the blogs! I might have to get one of those screen things because I love my pizza crispy. I make little pizzas a lot using the Joseph's flax and oat bran pita's. I've never tried the blue cheese variety though. I love mushrooms so that salad looks delicious!
    Wow, your health insurance is even more outrageous than ours, but I'll bet it's for your whole office. I'd like to know where all the money is going also!! Somethings got to give sometime soon!