Sunday, December 4, 2011

Living in the moment

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well on this beautiful Sunday. I just realized that I haven't posted for a few days. I have been keeping up with everyone and trying to comment, but don't always take the time to post. The week has been busy, and what else is new? I feel like a broken record sometimes, just going round and around, doing the same things, saying the same things. Life has a way of falling into a pattern like that.

Today my husband and I braved the mall for some Christmas shopping. In past years, I would never go to a mall on the weekend, but now that my week gets consumed with work stuff, it is the only free time I have. We live near the largest mall in North America. It's called the King of Prussia Mall. It's really two malls, right next to each other, and connected by a walkway across the parking lot. They are building to connect the two of them, and expand even more in 2012. It's so big already, and has so many stores and restaurants. I can't imagine what it will be like when the construction ends. When you go there, you have to really decide, which stores you plan to shop at, and park at that part of the mall. It's a far walk from one building to the other, because you have to go ouside to get to the other mall, and then lug all your packages back to where you parked originally. I never mind walking, but if you have alot of bags, it can be alittle tough. We did pretty well, and got some stuff for my two oldest boys. Since they are both in business, they wanted stuff to wear for work. One asked for a dress coat to wear over his suit, a leather portfolio, and some oakley sunglasses for when he goes running. The other wanted a new carry on bag for air travel, and some clothing. They both wanted some nice dress shoes.  So we were pretty successful, at least for the two of them. I didn't find anything for my younger son. That will have to be another trip.  I have lots more gifts to buy, but my list is alittle shorter, as some of the extended family decided we aren't exchanging anymore. I never get to shop much for fun girl stuff,  and I do think girls are easier to buy for. I already bought their girlfriends presents, so I got to have a little fun shopping for them.

So while we were at the mall, my husband talked me into trying on a  quilted jacket that I liked. It was a expensive, and not on sale. This brand never goes on sale, except once a year, for what they call the friends and family sale. That already happened. I tried it on, and it really looked nice on me. It was a newer style for this line, and had a belt across the back. I liked the black, and it's a thin coat, so it would be perfect for moderate weather.. I hate wearing big, bulky coats unless absolutley necessary. My husband thought it looked great on me, and I'm thinking he might go back and get it.  But as we were leaving I said that, for the time being, I didn't want to spend that much money on something that would be too big when I reached my goal. It's a classic coat, that won't go out of style, but I would rather wait and splurge on it in a smaller size.

I started thinking later in the day, about how many things that I want, or want to do, that I have put off in my life, until after I'm thin and lose the weight that I want. It's kind of like putting your life, your desires and dreams on hold until it happens.  I didn't try paddleboarding last vacation because I didn't want to look bad in the video in my bathing suit. I'm pretty athletic, and I knew I could do it, but I didn't want photo evidence to show me how I really looked. I didn't do the zip line because I was afraid they might ask me what I weighed before harnassing me up. I am afraid of heights, so there were two reasons for avoiding this one! I didn't buy a certain something or this coat, because the size wasn't what I wanted it to be. All of this because I was putting it off until I reached a certain number in my weight.

So among all the other goals I have set for myself ( log my food, drink more water, get enough sleep, check in on the blogs), I decided that  I'm not going to put anything off because of my weight. I might not be the most graceful person zipping above the canopy, or the skinniest person paddleboarding, or have the smallest size coat, but if it feels right, then I'm going for it! I'm gonna dance like no one's watching! In fact I did last weekend at a restaurant/bar we were at. I'm sure everyone was watching my 27 year old future daughter in law anyway!! LOL! Take care, until next time.

Thought for the day: Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life - Buddha


  1. Hi Pattie,
    Wow that is a lot of shopping you did. I do understand about the coat thing. I have had to replace all of my wardrobe, and stuff's not cheap. But the zipline thingy I would never do cause I am really - really afraid of heights too.
    I agree with you, live in the now and stop putting off stuff. You are so Beautiful :-)

  2. Patti, I can't believe you mentioned the King of Prussia Mall. My husband is from Exton, PA which is just about twenty minutes southwest of King of Prussia. Quite a few of his relatives are still in the area and we go up there every once in awhile. He and my sons are HUGE Eagles fans!
    We went shopping this weekend too and got about 2/3 of our stuff for the boys done. We stopped doing extended family awhile back and it makes everything so much easier.
    I'm glad you decided to start living for the moment and not waiting until this or that happens to do something, or get something you really want. Life is too short, and we are too worth it to wait! It's something we should all strive to do!

  3. You should go buy the coat!!! You deserve it, you have worked hard and if it makes you feel good, it is worth every penny! You will probably have it under the Christmas tree if you don't buy it first.
    That mall sounds amazing. We have NOTHING like that around here. It sounds like you really enjoy giving to your sons. That is really cool. I wish it weren't so expensive to do now that they are older. I will always remember when Beanie Babies were the best gift ever and they were only 5.00 each! It was a fun, inexpensive Christmas.
    I put off so many things until....until when? I wonder sometimes how much more I could have done?
    I know last year when I was heavier, it was hard for me to go out shopping because I was afraid I would run into someone I knew from the gym. I had put on so much weight and what would they think? Well they probably wouldn't have thought anything but it was good to see each other. I ran into several people today and it was so fun to visit and catch up. I missed a whole year:(
    I love your blogs so take Pattie time and write more!

  4. Love that quite, Pattie! And you really should live more in the moment, we all should! Just imagine what we are missing when we don't! :) Thank you for being here, and keep on writing, even if it's only a little bit!

  5. Oh Pattie, I can really relate to this post. I think this is one of the things that made me realize I had stopped actually living my life. I grew up with a mother was going to do EVERYTHING when she lost that darn weight, but nothing until. Thanks for this!