Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Setting a new goal....dreaming a new dream...

I love reading motivational quotes. A few inspiring words can shift a thought pattern, change a mindset, encourage, and give direction. I also get inspiration from those around me, and from all of the wonderful women writing about their triumphs, struggles, ideas, and thoughts in the blogs that I follow. Here's a good quote that I came upon recently.

“You are never too old
to set another goal or
dream a new dream.”
I am feeling strong and motivated today. I lost almost a pound from last week. I actually think I lost more, but I weighed myself a few times and took the number that came up the most. I used to pick the lowest number, but if you read my post, "I've been duped", from a few weeks back, I think it's best to err on taking highest number that comes up as my weekly weight. I really want to lose a pound a week. I am so far off that goal, but I keep setting it every week. If I give up, there is nowhere to go but gain, and I refuse to do that. I have to take what the scale gives me and realize it tells the truth more often than not. But I can keep setting a new goal each week and dreaming a new dream.

The enemy....peanut M&M's
 I had some slip ups over the holiday weekend. Some I thought I would never have again. Just when you think you have things all under control, a mistake can happen and it sets you back. I had sweets in the house. I made a cheesecake for the boys and put out my candy jars, as I always do at Christmas. I always do that but  why did I think I could do that now and get away with it? Will the boys miss my tradition? Was I afraid to disappoint them? My husband asked me to put the jar of peanut M&M's away after the boys left. He is slim, but still found himself grabbing a handful as he passed by. I haven't had even one, I stated. I've got this sugar thing under control.  He asked if they tempted me, and I replied, no, they really don't.  And they didn't, they really didn't......until Sunday night. The jar was  tucked away in the closet, and for some reason, some unknown reason, I found myself going in the cabinet and sneaking a couple of handfuls. Maybe it was my way to release tension from the weekend. Maybe subconsiously I was rewarding myself for having been so good to resist them all weekend. It's the mystery that if solved,  would give us the solution to losing weight and keeping it off. Why when all is going well, do we do something to sabotage it?

That being said, it happened, and it may happen again. How we deal with it is the most important thing. One of the toughest concepts for me is to realize that you can recover from eating something not planned, just start again right away. Right away! We all have said this over and over. We've said it to each other, we've said it to ourselves. But sometimes I don't think we really believe it. Yes, these little set backs will set back my weight loss. Maybe I won't lose as fast. I'm proof of that. But losing is what's important. Not how fast you lose, but that you lose and learn something while doing it.
My gang. Home for the holiday weekend.

So whatever happened to you this week, or last, set a new goal. Even if you ate all the wrong things, in huge quantities, over the holiday weekend, set a new goal. Even if everyone around you is losing and you're not, set a new goal. If we don't continually set these goals, we'll have nothing to pull us up, when we slip. Set those goals. Dream those dreams!
Thought for the day: " There are no perfect tomorrows" - quote taken from my friend Cat's blog


  1. All I can say is Amen, sister! Sorry to hear about the m and Ms, but you have the right attitude!

  2. Before I post a commnet, gonna send a test comment. Here goes....fingers crossed that it takes!!!

  3. Woo hoooo!! No boot while trying to comment! Oh Pattie, I hear ya girl!! M & Ms ARE evil for me too. I have found that not having them in the house are key for me staying on track. They are just too tempting & they are like Lays potato chips..."nobody can eat just one"! Well, maybe Rosie can! (lol!! Said with love Rosie! )My youngest daughter is itchin to make cutout cookies & I wasnt going to make them but I feel so wrong in penalizing her & the rest of the family becuase I cant behave myself around them, so I told her we would make a batch of them. My husband LOVES choc chip cookies so I will make one batch of those for him & I think thats it for my holiday baking this year. Its too easy to go into the freezer in a weak moment & pop in a cookie without thinking. My cutous (cream cheese & almond...YUM!) are so tasty, I will eat them frozen!!! How pathetic!!(but delicious! lol)I have a freezer locker & perhaps I will store them in there & give my hubby the key. I know it sounds crazy, but I know myself. I havea recipe for light cutout cookies that are WW friendly & delicious so perhaps I will make a batch of those for me. Im not baking anything too early. So thats my 2 cents,....if they are that tempting, lock em up or dont have em around.
    Congrats on your weight loss this week!! 1# is 4 sticks of butter and ANY loss is a good thing!
    Thanks for a great post today! Oh, and on a side note, your home looks so lovely all decorated for the holidays!!! :)
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  4. It's time to remove the M&M's :) LOL! I'm a snacker and can't have tempting little treats laying around because I mindlessly eat them. You've said before that nuts are a weakness so I buy the 100 calories packs of almonds from Target. I go overboard with the big cans, but these keep me honest. The 100 calorie pack is for the plain almonds, but I have seen the 100 cal pack flavored almonds at Walgreens (Do you have a Walgreens in PA?) I know it costs more to get the little pre-packaged goodies, but I only buy it for the things that I can't control myself over ;) Also, when me or my 14 yr old bake, I chew gum so I can't snack on dough. Hope those tips help you like they help me (most of the time). Have a great day!

  5. You know M & M's were my favorite before. Once I started the BFC - I just removed everything bad out of my fridge and pantry and gave it all to my adult kids.
    I know you might not be able to do that. Next time just eat a couple instead of a couple handfuls.
    I think 1 lb a week is great and doable.
    You can do this GIRL!! Have a great day :-)

  6. I have 1 lb hand weights that I've used for working out...they make a difference-my heart rate goes up faster, and my muscles feel fatigued quicker as well.
    And that 1 lb makes a difference for you. Those lbs add up!
    I can't have pie/cake, etc here at the house. We ALL have triggers-and maybe those M&M's will be yours? That's an easy fix. I understand getting those things your family loves-it's been our way of being thoughtful.
    ...and you are most certainly that.
    Enjoy you day!

  7. You have a very good looking family:)
    Every day is a new day, filled with endless choices and directions to turn. Navigating all of those gets overwhelming at times. That's why having some quiet Pattie time to blog and direct your goals is a great thing.
    You are a loser and that's exciting!!!
    Peanut M&M's....they couldn't be sitting around my house either!

  8. Pattie, Thanks for your support I can totally relate to your blog and those M&M's. I have to keep them out of the house or I can eat the whole bag. Last year over the holidays I did not have a problem sticking with plan but this year has been a struggle. I am glad I have such a great group of friends that help keep my head in the game. I know we can do this together even if it takes us longer to do it.

  9. You have such a beautiful house, I want to live with you LOL. I agree with everyone it might be best to take the m&m's out of the house. Kudos on your weight loss!!!!

  10. Pattie, I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you want to keep up your traditions for the boys! I feel the same way. I always bake a ton of Christmas cookies and have all sorts of treats around for them at the holidays. I'm pretty sure I'm still going to bake for them though. Maybe you can fill the candy jars with something they like and you don't. I know my boys like sour candies that I have no interest in so something like that might work for both of you. I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post and tell you how beautiful I think your house is! I just LOVE that you have a fireplace in the kitchen!
    Hopefully we can get through these holidays having us much fun as usual, but without the bad food!

  11. Pattie, thanks for your advice about the Christmas tree! I have never heard of using hot water, but you're right about it making sense! I'm going to use ALL your tips! You are awesome! Thanks!