Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A great big thanks to all of you who answered the questions I posed. There was alot of cutting and pasting, but I think I got all the answers organized under each question. All of your ideas and tips were great. I love to see things through other people's eyes and there was some great advice given. So big drumroll please......here are the answers!!!

1) You are with a group and everyone is ordering takeout from the pizza/sub shop for dinner. What would you order? 
  • a salad w/tuna and some veggies.
  • Small pizza with whatever toppings you love. I put all the toppings on 2 crusts and eat the 2 crusts. If they don't fit on 2 crusts, I eat the toppings off and leave the crusts on the plate. I have been asked many times if something was wrong with the pizza! This amazes my friends because I can eat all that and still lose.
  •  at the pizza/sub shop today I'd get a salad. If I were eating wheat I'd eat a slice of pizza and a salad.  
  • I would order a sub and eat it without the bread, or I would put the sub fillings in a smart and delicious totilla or ezekiel bread
2) You go to a baby shower or other ladies event and there are sandwich trays, chips and dips, fruit trays, pasta salad, and cake and candy. What do you choose?
  • take a sandwich and leave the bread
  • I went to a baby shower recently and I just ate the chips and salsa. I may have had a grape or 2? I am more focused on the sugar than the carbs!
  •  at the shower I'd eat some chips and dip (portion out 10 chips or so b/c that's about a serving), and have a few berries. I'd skip the cake. Regardless. 
  •  I would take the sandwich and leave the bread and have several pieces of fruit. I would drink lots of water, coffee or iced tea to fill me up and keep my hands occupied.
3) What do you order at a fast food restaurant?
  • chicken strip or hamburger wrapped in lettuce and a side salad
  •  at the Fast Food restaurant, I'd do a bunless burger. If I were doing well the rest of the day, I'd have some fries too.  
  • We just went to McD's on the way out of town Saturday. I had the Southern chicken sand. It is supposed to be like Chik fil a...not even close:( But I ate the chicken patty with mayo and the dill pickles and threw the bun away. I would have eaten 1/2 the bun, but it "wasn't worth the calories" fresh. I also eat a lot of chicken strips when I eat fast food. 
  •  a hamburger with no ketchup and eat it without the bun and I would share an order of fries.
4) You go to a restaurant and they bring out hot fresh baked artisan bread with cold butter. Is it okay to eat those carbs if you count them in your total?
  • a small piece
  • This is one thing I really try and stay away from. My Sailor daughter only wanted an Italian restaurant before she left. I knew if I went I would eat their bread that is LOADED with garlic dripping butter. I ate 5 pieces. Keep in mind I would have eaten the whole basket and asked for more in the past.
  •  Today I'd skip the bread, but if I were eating bread I'd have a piece and count it in my carbs, unless I were going to choose pasta for my dinner, then I wouldn't.  
  •  Starting to eat the bread would be hard because once I start I don't want to stop, so I would only have a small piece if I was feeling strong to stop at one.
5) What salad dressing to you choose for your salad when you are out and can't check the nutritional labels?
  • cesar
  • I always eat ranch dressing. I think it has either no sugar, or 1 sugar. I love ranch with everything.
  •  blue cheese. Although last time I went out I asked the manager what the label said and HE LOOKED IT UP!
  •  I would ask for dressing on the side and have either blue cheese, ranch, balsamic vin.
6) How do you handle going to someone's house for a dinner when you have no idea what will be served?
  • don't panic, just eat the meat and veggie
  • You are lucky to be invited:) I think we can always eat meat, some salad and if you need something more, a small slice of bread or potato.
  •  If it's possible, I talk to the hostess before I go somewhere. This is where the wheat free helps out tremendously. People look at you much less oddly when you are not eating wheat than if you are not eating sugar. Go figure. Anyhow, put yourself in your hosts' shoes - if you are having someone over, don't you want to serve them food that they are going to enjoy? It's your responsibility as a guest to make your needs clear. That being said, if that's not an option, I'd just do the best I could with what I was served. And look at it like a good opportunity to spend time with friends. Food is secondary. :) 
  •  I have a snack before going to someone's house for dinner,that is still a work in progress for me :)
7) What do you pack for a brown bag lunch?
  • smart & delicious wheat tortilla w/meat and cheese
  •  I would pack my usual sandwich, on a sandwich thin, and a small baggie of chips. Again, this is a lifestyle. I would rather eat a small amount of chips, than to never eat a chip again.
  •  hard boiled eggs, celery, cheese, peanut butter and no sugar jelly sandwich. :) Eat what you love, love what you eat!  
  •  Salads or sandwiches on ezekiel bread, baby bell cheese, celery and cucumbers with hummus
8) If you were to plan so BFC friendly appetizers that others would enjoy, what would you serve?
  • That dubliner cheese and artichoke dip w/celery
  • My BFC appetizer for my recent get together was little smokies in crescent rolls. Everyone else ate them whole, I ate them sans the roll:)
  •  I had friends over last week and served celery sticks, deviled eggs, sliced chicken lunchmeat and cheese crispiees. If I would have had any tortilla chips, I would have served those with salsa.
  • an assortment of meats and cheese, olives, maybe some low sugar veggies and tzatziki.
I told you how I really like it when you write what you ate. I am trying to write down what I ate each day. I'm not too good at that. So here it goes for yesterday;

1 ezekial english muffin, topped with reduced fat cheddar cheese, chia seeds, 2 poached eggs
coffee with cream and stevia drops
total s/c - 0/2

wrap made with chicken, lettuce, ranch dressing, cheese, onion
small bag of chips
green iced tea with stevia
s/c - 1/2

afternoon snack one piece of dark chocolate nut cluster ( I am going to post the recipe soon)
iced coffee with cream and stevia and benefiber
s/c - 2/1

dinner out at Houlihans, shared tuna appetizer with hubby
chicken breast topped with cheese and bacon and side of ginger cole slaw ( no roll)
2 glasses of wine
s/c- 0/1

pm snack 1 glass of red wine and one square of dark chocolate
s/c - 2/1

exercise: 30 minutes of elliptical at the gym
Until next time:

Thought for the day: Questions focus our thinking!



    1. All great ideas!! Thanks for putting this together, Pattie!

    2. That was a very good post with all the questions. I love all the different answers. Your food choices were good.
      Have a great day :-)

    3. Love to hear all the answers! I am looking forward to your nut cluster recipe!!

    4. Wow, my answers in print:) Great post. Your food sounds good.
      We ROCK!!!

    5. Sorry I missed the questions, was on vacation. That was a great idea and I loved reading everyone's responses!