Friday, August 5, 2011

Wishing you a restful weekend!

Hydrangeas from my garden. They make me smile!
Hello Everyone. Happy Friday. Hope it was a good week for all. Sorry I have been a little out of touch. I think I mentioned once before that I work for my husband. I am a nurse, but actually run his medical practice. It takes up almost as much time as a full time job, but I am able to do alot of the business end of things from my home office. One of our staff is out sick for awhile, and I  just found out, may not be returning, so I will have to cover all day Monday and Friday for her, until I hire and train someone. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself, but it's frustrating when you put time into training and teaching someone and then they leave and you have to start all over with someone new. Those two days let me have alittle more "me" time, but now I'll be up and out the door at 7 and somedays not returning until 6 or 7.

But I really rely on you my blogger friends, and I will be checking in and keeping in touch. It might be a little harder to post more than a few times a week. But I'll do my best.
I'm getting better with my photos too, so I will try and post more of them. I promise to post my chocolate nut cluster things later this week. They are so good and BFC friendly!

 Hope you all enjoy the warm weather. It's sure hot here in PA! I am staying put this weekend and not traveling to the shore. Hubby and the boys are down, well two of the boys and three of their friends. I need to just chill out here with the dogs. Work is about 30 minutes closer to the shore than my PA home, so with the dogs, I would have had to leave work, drive back 30 minutes, get the dogs, and turn around and drive the other direction to New Jersey in rush hour traffic. Just wasn't feeling it!

So dinner tonight with my folks, and tomorrow I plan to catch up on a few things, maybe get a much needed mani/pedi and just relax by the pool. I need these alone days sometimes! It rejuvenates me. Living in a house with all men ( one hubby and three sons) and all male dogs can be a bit much sometimes. Even though two of the boys are not home for the summer, their visits can wear me out, even though I love them. That male testosterone!

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Until next time:

Thought for the day:

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop - Ovid



  1. HEy Pattie!
    Im a nurse too. I take it your hubby is a physician? What kind of Dr.? I worked with a couple of gals whose hubbies were physicians & it is not the fabulous life that everyone thinks it is, unless maybe you are a specialist, or a plastic surgeon or dermatologist! Hang in there girl! IT will get better!
    I am going to be alone this weekend too. Geez, whish we lived closer....we could meet & hang out. My hubby & oldest dtr are away @ a softball tourney & my youngest dtr is spending the nite w/ a friend on Sat nite & then going to an amusement part with her & her family on Sunday. The girls @ work are going to a winery where a local band is playing tomorrow. I might go & join them. I really dont wanna be home alone.
    YOu go treat yourself to that mani & pedi!! YOu totally deserve it, and maybe stop off somewhere & buy yourself a nice purse or a pr of new shoes...or BOTH!!! HEck yeah....get both!! Oh shoot, just go get a whole new outfit! lol.
    Have a great weekend & post when you can. I am finsing that I really enjoy it & it is almost like therapy to me sometimes. Deep thought...du Sherri! hee hee!
    Enjoy that R&R!!! ((Sherri))

  2. Oh boy! I should have re read my post! Sorry for all the typos! Oy!!!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend basking in the silence! I love my kids too, but being alone with total quiet is really refreshing. You are a busy, busy girl! Just remember somewhere in there to take care of yourself. I wish I had a pool, but then I would wreck my skin worse than I already have.I would look like a raisin!
    Well, I may look like a raisin already if you ask my daughter!

  4. It's been warm over here too. I wished I lived near you - I would come and work for you so you could take a break.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  5. I am gearing up to start school with the boys here in a few weeks, I won't be posting as much then, either. I am hoping, like you, that keeping in touch will keep me focused on this lifestyle! It seems to be so easy to get wrapped up in day to day life and forget to do for ourselves!

    I, too, am in a house full of boys. They are still little, so not as much testosterone as there will be, but I would enjoy a quiet weekend (and mani/pedi. LOL) to myself. LOL Enjoy!!!

    Love those flowers!!!

  6. Pattie, I know you are the only girl in your house, but trust me....boys are easier! 2 adult females in 1 house is a challenge...especially when 1 is a messy girl. Girls are also hormonal from a young age. I have 2 girls and 2 boys, so I think I am an expert! Boys always tend to love their Mommies too:)

  7. Wow, having the house to yourself sounds wonderful!! I know what you mean about the testosterone, as I'm the only girl in this house with four teenage and older sons, one husband, two male dogs and one stray male cat we take care of. Not to mention that I only have brothers! I love them all but sometimes guys are a bit needy and its nice when its just me.

  8. Pattie -

    I do think portions are important, even for the 0/0 foods. I think I will make a post on this, because it's important - we can't eat unlimited amounts of any high calorie dense food, I don't care what Jorge or Atkins says. We still have to convert them into energy or store them as fat. I aim for 1-2 ounces cheese and 1-2 ounces nuts when I eat them. I don't always succeed, but that's another story.