Monday, June 6, 2011

Here we go again!

Good morning to my zero readers! I am amazed at how many blogs have loyal followers. I'm not sure how it happens. I guess someone just stumbles upon your blog, likes your thoughts and decides to follow. I just spend a good hour reading Rosalie's blog that she started while doing the belly fat cure. She motivates me. Hr blog is called Healthy Me Doing the Belly Fat Cure. I so believe in the premise of this diet, but I have not followed it as I should, and have no real weight loss to speak of. I sing it's praises all the time, but feel like a fraud because I don't always practice what I preach. My husband says it's hard for people to take my advice about sugar, and diet soda, when I haven't had any real change in my weight. Ouch! That hurt, but sadly it's true.

But in an attempt to focus only on the positive, I'd like to list what I have learned so far while dabbling in the BFC this past year:

1) cutting way back on daily sugar has made my skin clearer, my moods more even and cut the cravings and binges.
2) cutting out the artifical sweeteners and diet soda make me feel that I am helping my body by not putting chemicals into it on a daily basis.
3) switicing to whole grains keeps me fuller and helps keep my digestion and elimination regular
4) eating eggs for breakfast, almost daily, keeps my full until lunch.

So today, I am starting fresh because it's a new day. What's happened in the past doesn't matter. Today is a gift and that is why it's called the present. I am going to wipe the slate clean, and really devote myself to following the plan and maybe along the way, if I ever get any followers, we can help and motivate each other.

I am going to copy Rosalie and try to list what I ate each day, as well as a positive thought. I love motivational sayings and have them all over my bulletin board. I also like to see what other people eat because it gives me ideas. So Rosalie, thanks for those ideas. All credit goes to you!

Thought for the day: You always get a second change to start right now. It's never to late to become what you might have been. Good luck to those struggling like me!

What I ate today:
breakfast - 2 pieces of ezekial toast, topped with 1/4 cp shredded cheddar cheese, 1 tbs of chis seeds, 2 poached eggs and hot sausce; coffee with stevia, cinnamon and almond milk.

lunch - a green salad with 4 oz chicken breast, 1 tbs corn, 1 tbs black beans ( actually a salsa I made, but I'm just counting the stuff with carbs), 2 tbs of ranch dressing, some cucumbers slices, 1 serving of salt and vinegar pop chips.

dinner - one la tortilla high fiber whole wheat tortilla, 4 oz chicken breast, peppers and onions, 2 tbs salsa, 1/4 cp reduced fat mexican cheese, 2 tbs sour cream, 2 glasses wine.

Snack - 1/4 cocoa roasted almonds, 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Exercise - Didn't get to it today. I will for sure tomorrow.

What exicted me today
- my new hybrid contact lenses. I can get by at times no without reading glasses.
- getting my computer problems solved by my IT guy
-feeling good in the new shirt I bought at Ann Taylor yesterday. Nothing like a little something new to put you in a good mood.
- the summer breeze. I'm enjoying in now because heat and humidity will be here on Wednesday!

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