Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a new day, and I won something!!!

Ok, this blog is pathetic. It's still a blog, for all intents and purposes, so I shall keep adding to it. No one reads it, but that isn't the point. The point is that I love to talk, and share, and chat. I've never been a diary or journal keeper, but I am intrigued by blogging. I love to just type away and let the thoughts flow. My blog isn't pretty. It's bland and boring. No cute graphics, no adds or advertisements. But there's room to grow.So I forge ahead.

One of my favorite web sites, and I guess it started out as a blog, but now it's an awesome blog/website, is by Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman. She's funny, smart, a great cook and feels like a best friend, even though I never met her. But that will all change in a few weeks. I entered and won a contest she was sponsoring on her web site. I get to spend a weekend at her ranch, along with the cookbook author Pam Anderson. I love Pam's no nonsense approach to cooking.  It's something I really need. People say I'm a great cook, but I don't think so. I stress too much when I entertain, and it feels like I'm in a play putting on the performance for all to see. I am spent and tired at the end. I long to simplify, throw something wonderful together, invite my guests to pitch in, but it never works that way! I fret and fuss and it needs to stop!

So this ranch weekend will be a good start for me to meet Ree and Pam, two ladies who know a thing or two about cooking, and entertaining, and seem to be very down to earth. I don't expect there will be any puff pastry rolled appetizers, or fancy entrees.  No flaming desserts or after dinner drinks will be served, ( although I hope there will be wine!). But I do know the food will be fresh and well prepared, and the company even better. I;m sure there will be lots of laughter. Eating, drinking and laughing. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

So this is what excited me today:

* winning this awesome contest and the thought of a weekend on the rance cooking with Ree and Pam

* hitting the Ann Taylor store today for some much needed wardrobe essentials

*getting a good car wash, vacuuming the insides, and cleaning the windows

* using my 25% off everything in the store coupon at CVS

*turning on the new fountain I bought which stands in the middle of my perennial garden

Hope your day had some exciting moments too! Bye for now.

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