Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a leap!

Happy Leap Year Day everyone! WOOOHOOOO, we get an extra day this year!!! I had to reeducate myself as to why this happens. It takes the earth 365 days and 6 hours to revolve around the sun. Those 6 hours add up to an extra day every four years. And that's today. Wow!! And if you follow this blog, you know it's also weigh in Wednesday, clean sheet Wednesday and sushi Wednesday. And today it's Leap Year Day Wednesday. A whole extra day filled with promise and possibilities.

So on this day, that only occurs once every four years, why don't you take a leap and try something new, eat something you never ate, do something you never did, think something you never thought? So many times I've heard people say all sorts of things that are limiting them or holding them back. Things like, I never eat that, I can't do that, I don't like that. Just because at one point in your life, you tried, did, or thought something that wasn't agreeable to you, does that mean for the rest of your life it applies? I think everything deserves a second chance. I would hate to miss out on something for my whole life just because I refused to take another look.

The first time I tried sushi, I was unimpressed to say the least. What was all the hype about? Turns out the place I went to was a mediocre place at best. When I had good sushi, real, fresh sushi ( raw fish on top of rice), sashimi ( slices of raw fish), and maki ( fancy name for the rolls), that was made by a skilled and talented sushi chef, a revolution occurred. It's a favorite food of mine now. I may have never discovered this had I not taken a leap, or given it a second chance. A whole lifetime of missing out on something so delicious. A love affair gone wrong because of a bad first date.

Now I love dark chocolate, almond milk, and flax seed muffins. I enjoy eggs more regularly and have discovered the diversity of cauliflower, coconut flour and almond flour. I've opened my mind about nutrition and the harmful effects of sugar and processed food and carbs. I've change my mind, and my eating, because I took a leap and tried something new. I thought new thoughts about food.  Everything I thought I knew before, wasn't necessarily correct. On the way I discovered so many great things I would have never tried. All because I changed my thoughts and my actions.

And tonight, on this leap year Wednesay, also known as clean sheet Wednesday, Weigh in Wednesday and Sushi Wednesday.......I'm doing Mediterranean for dinner!

Thought for the day:  Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. -Mark Twain


  1. Great post, but there isn't a chance in you know where, that this girl is trying sushi!!! I am not "cultured" enough. Burger and Fries girl here! I am going with one new food a year and that is my spinach:)
    I love your enthusiasm:)

  2. Good post. I'm with Kay, I will not eat sushi, but I will try other things. So, did you weigh-in today, or were you just teasing us about it being weigh-in Wednesday?

  3. I love Sushi-so delicious (and beautiful).

  4. What a GREAT post today. I love sushi - well at least I did before BFC. I refuse to eat it now because of the White rice. You are right to say to try stuff, our taste buds change as we get older and you should give stuff another try.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. I love sushi, but like Rosalie, only eat the Sashimi now because they add sugar to the rice. Sashimi and a salad (I bring my Annies Asian dressing which is BFC good).
    Happy Leap Day! :)

  6. A 3 lb loss is fantastic! Yay for you!!!

  7. Love sushi! Great job on the weight loss! Have a great extra day! :)

  8. My oldest son LOVE sushi. I have not tried it yet because I'm not even that big a fan of cooked fish let alone raw. I AM willing to try it though if I was good sushi with a great dipping sauce! I do know Mediterranean food well however since it's my mother's native food!

  9. Hey there beautiful!!
    Geez, I have missed you and all of our little "gang"! I think that your post was great (as have a way with words) but for this girl who is just never gonna be fond of fish, I dont think I will ever be able to embrace sushi, but you can have some for me! :)
    You sound happy and that makes me smile. Happy March! Spring is just 3 short weeks away!! Hooray!!!
    xoxo Sherri

  10. I loved your post and congrats on the weight loss. I hope March brings you lots of happiness and more weight loss. I am gonna be joining WW in a couple of weeks and I plan on using the Bfc too.