Thursday, February 16, 2012

How could I have missed this one?

Good morning all. To quote a blogger friend of mine ( Kay!!!), I am being a slug today. I hate when that happens. I am a jump out of bed, coffee, workout, walk the dogs, do some chores, do some work type of girl. The slug in me, hangs out in bed and reads messages, emails, and tweets on her iphone ( just got one, and I'm in love!), then leisurely gets up, makes the bed, a cup of coffee and gets back on the computer. I might stop and feed the dogs, and maybe even myself. But the gist of being a slug, is that you move real slow, have no particular goals and accomplish really nothing!! I'm going to embrace the slug in me today and just go with it. We are all entitled to a slugfest once in awhile!

All of you creative bloggers that are making and tweaking low sugar, low carb recipes are going to laugh at this one. I just got around this morning to making the flaxseed muffin. I know, you have been making it and talking about for many months.  I don't regularly watch Dr. Oz, but after reading Rosalie's post, I went online to watch Jorge make the muffin. I made it from the recipe he gave, so maybe some of you out there have different versions.  I have to say I'm in love with this muffin. How could so much time have gone by without  me making it? What other delicious things have I been missing just because I haven't taken the time to make them? All of you have been making and enjoying it for so long, and I'm just getting around to it!!

Unlike Jorge who doesn't bother to give the credit where it is due, and passed this off as his little creation, I know that you fellow blogger gals have been the ones to discover, tweak,  and blog about this little flaxseed wonder. So I am giving you credit, and thanks. Now I need you tell me again in the comment section, all the little things you do to it to make it special It would take me forever to look back on all the blogs and find all the little variations you have come up with. I made some changes too, and I added some vanilla and cooked it  less time. The first one was alittle dry with cooking it for 50 seconds, so I went down to 45. I think my microwave is alittle more powerful so I adjusted the time.

So without further adieu....I present to all of those who may be reading this blog, and don't know about this.....THE MICROWAVE FLAXSEED MUFFIN!!! ( and I take no credit for this at all...I'm merely a copycat!)

Here's what you need!
1 tsp of coconut oil
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 packet of Truvia
1 egg
1/4 cp of ground flaxseed
1 tsp vanilla extract ( not in original recipe, I added this)

Stir all ingredients in a mug that has been sprayed with cooking spray
Microwave for 45- 55 seconds
Mix it all together
This is what it looks like after microwaving. It pops right out of the cup!

This is the brand I used.
I found this at Homegoods!

Eat and enjoy. I tried it cut in half with cream cheese and natures hollow sugar free mountainberry jam


Tip: Since I'm in a hurry so much these days, I made up some baggies filled with the measured dry ingredients. All I have to do is grab a bag, add vanilla, egg and coconut oil and I'm ready to go!

Thought for the day: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


  1. Having a sluggy day, are ya? Good. I'm glad you caught up with the flax seed muffin train. They are a great quick snack, treat, or anytime muffin.

  2. Its ok to be a slug once in a while. I am so glad that we got one more love of Flaxseed. Have a great day Girl :-)

  3. Well from a "slug", I have to say that I haven't ever tried it either!I did make the flourless cake recipe in the microwave, but never the flax muffin. I am excited! A gal on Rosie's blog said that you can google the muffin and find lots of variations.
    I haven't had a chance to be a slug lately....enjoy EVERY second of it!
    I love my iphone too....and I LOVE my Keurig. It came yesterday and was so simple to set up. It glows a really pretty blue so it is kind of like a nightlight for the kitchen. It came with 48 K Kups so I have several different coffees to try. Right now I am doing the Hazelnut and it is awesome. Brewing my iced tea is going to take some tweeks. Did you see how you reuse the K Kup, and put it on the outside of the filter so it traps the water and makes the coffee stronger when using the filter. It's on youtube if you are interested.
    Enjoy your day:)

  4. The only thing I add different to the muffin is another packet of truvia. I like mine a little sweeter. Other than that, I love that the muffin is quick and easy becasue I'm not the jump out of bed kinda girl in the morning. I'm the don't talk to me until I've had two cups of black tea kinda gal :)

  5. I only ever use a scant ½ tsp of baking powder. It to me tastes bitter with more than that. I also I don't like the aftertaste of truvia so I use xylitol. I also have used canola oil to make it easier to mix together. I have made many flavors. If you use fresh berries it may need to cook a little longer. I watch the muffin and know it is done and will still be moist if you watch it raise to the top of the mug, as soon as it starts to fall back down I stop the microwave and it is always done and very moist. I love adding a sprinkle of cloves and fresh grated orange rind. Chia. I always add walnuts. The possibilities are endless. I mix together 2 cups at a time and keep it in a glass container in my refrigerator. Then I just scoop out a heaping ¼ cup measure add the egg and pour in a little oil and add anything I feel hungry for at the time. My most favorite one has chopped dates in it…but I have lost and kept my weight off for two years eating this way, so the added sugar from the dates occasionally is not a problem for me. My skinny friend always adds a few mini chocolate chips. I made this for a diabetic attending my birthday party adding cocoa and mini chips with a shot of whip, and fresh raspberries to top it off …he was very happy and did not feel deprived. Katie said she spreads her's on a plate…hopefully she will show us pictures soon..then in would be a big flat bread suitable for a sandwich? Have fun experimenting. I never can finish my whole I cut it in slices and usually have two left later for snack…topped with almond butter yum.

  6. Great idea having the baggies ready to go. Yes, we are loving those 'muffins'
    Have a good week

  7. Ester as been telling me about this muffin for a year and Ive seen Carey and Rosalie talk about it too, but I never made it. The Flaxseed pancakes are the exact same ingredients but a little more work to cook and I have them on the weekends. But Im in the love with the muffin! Is it me, or does it taste like chocolate cake to anyone else? I must have lost my mind, but it tastes like cake!

  8. This is so fabulous! And hilarious! I am pretty sure I haven't made it yet, but I'm making it tomorrow. For sure. And I'm putting 'your' vanilla in. And maybe I'll add some cocoa powder, since I'm a chocoholic! LOL! I love your baggie idea, so much, too! Way to go!

  9. I feel like a slug a lot of the time. I think it could be the cool rainy weather. I have not tried those muffins but it looks yummy. I have tried the coconut muffins many times and loved them. I like how you put them in baggies so it saves on time.

  10. Wow, this looks like a great way to start the day. I'm looking for grab and go, since I commute and hour each way. Not hungry when I leave but ready to eat when I get to work. These just might work.