Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas has come and it is through the eyes of the camera:

Christmas Eve!
Dinner is cooking.
Time to eat.
We always do the Chrismas poppers, and they have paper crowns and a small trinket inside!

The boys exchanging gifts Christmas Eve.
This is what they put out for Santa.
But Santa had some wine in mind too!
He always leaves a letter...or a note in this case!

Santa filled the stockings.....
...and he leaves presents under the tree......
...something for the dogs in their stockings
Then off to bed so Santa will come!

John with his coffee.

Michael in his festive cap....
Ryan, with his cup of Joe....
I'm there too in my pj's
Roscoe got a present.
And that coat I talked about in a previous blog, made it under the tree!
Riley liked the bone in his stocking.
Santa brings the boys an ornament each year.


The empty table will soon be filled.
Hubby who is usually taking the pictures, makes a rare turkey carving appearance!
One of the two birds!
Baked Brie
We serve buffet style due to the large amount of people.

Me and my Dad
We like to sing Christmas songs and use wooden spoons as microphones!

The table is filled with family.

Turkey makes me tired.
And then there's the clean up!

And to all a good night!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! What I saw in the pictures was so much love, tradition, comfort, beauty! I love, love, love your kitchen and I can see why you love to cook!
    Truly you gave your heart and that shows in the pictures too:) You also look great! That is NOT what I look like when I sit in my Pj's!
    Congrats on a Christmas well done and beautiful:)
    I love the way that you all sit around the table and visit. I have a formal dining room, but have never set it up as such. Your big beautiful table kind of makes me want to. I have a table in my kitchen that seats 8 and I thought it was big. I really need to focus on presentation!
    Beautiful, beautiful, thanks for sharing. I just love these blogs!
    Hugs...I love's warm and full of hope:)

  2. It looks like you all had a great time. How fun that you all sing together with spoons! Too funny. I'm glad you had a wonderful, family filled, Christmas.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I have followed the Pioneer Women since you went on your trip. I also have all the TV shows DVR'd to watch. She is so sweet and I love her! I was sure hoping to win one of her big giveaways over the Holiday:) Thanks for "turning" me on to her!

  4. Pattie-What wonderful pictures!! Your house looks so beautiful and cozy. I especially liked the picture of the dog with his head on the frog.

  5. I LOVE all of your pictures! The table was gorgeous and you put so much love and work into your family's special day! I really hope they all appreciated it! Your boys are good sports with all of the pictures. I know my 14 yr old daughter would be a sport with pictures, but my 9 yr old son is like me and hates to have his picture taken ;) Anyhow, thanks for sharing your lovely home with us and I hope you have a fabulous New Years!

  6. Hey there Pattie!!!
    Oh my goodness!! What a fantastic post!!! I am a visual person & I LOVE pictures! Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to share in your christmas through photos. Your boys & hubby are all so handsome and you look lovely and so young!!! (and I am NOT just saying that! I would NEVER guess you to be 50 something)
    There is nothing like the holidays & spending it with family and it looks like you had a great christmas!
    I wish you an abundance of blessings in 2012 and we are gonna reach our weight loss goals this year for sure! YOu can count on me to be here cheering you on every step of the way and I know that I can lean on you too for encouragement & support. You are a true blessing in my life & I am so lucky to have met you and all of the other gals in our blogging group this year.
    Wishing you all the very best!!!!

  7. Pattie, it was such a treat to "read" your blog! I loved all your pictures, and your traditions and your love for your family! I know 2012 will be the year we reach our weightloss goals, I can just feel it! Happy New Years to you1

  8. Wow Pattie, your house is the idyllic holiday house. My in-laws just moved back to Spokane, WA after 4yrs in Warminster, PA is that close to you? Hubby and I had two amazing visits to his folks once for Christmas when we were engaged and the second time when he was in the Marines and had 2 weeks vacation to go visit his folks. As one who has grown up on the West Coast the East Coast is beautiful and we wish we could live there.
    You are such a special person and I hope you have lots of success in 2012 and you are happy with how you look at your son's wedding. big hugs your friend, Katie :)