Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The New Fast Track Book!

The Belly Fat Cure Fast Track: Discover the Ultimate Carb Swap and Drop Up to 14 lbs. the First 14 DaysHello everyone! Yesterday I bought the fast track book for my kindle. I love the kindle, and I make the print bigger so I don't need me reading glasses ( damn you old age!!) to read it. It's kind of weird reading a book like this on the smaller screen, especially with the large print. Some of the food lists got cut off. I'm sure they would fit on the screen if I made the print size smaller.

I actually got up at 5:30 AM today, rolled over in bed, grabbed my kindle and started reading. I tried to read it like the material was all new to  me. I had to skip over some parts (easy with the Kindle, just click the button). Those were the parts about emotional eating and addiction. I agree with it all, but it was too much for my morning brain.  I loved seeing Amber featured, and I liked how he didn't attibute all her weight loss to just the Fast Track. Some of the other featured stories stated they lost their weight with Fast Track. I thought it was nice of Jorge at the end of the book to give acknowledgement to so many people. He thanked Amber and spoke very nice about her, but also touching was the last person he thanked, his wife ( or I suppose ex-wife by now), Heather. It was a very sweet message to her.

So I thought Jorge did a good job with this book. He didn't discount the original Belly Fat Cure, but instead said that the Fast Track might be good short term for some people and then they might want to return to the regular BFC. He also suggested some people might want to incorporate the Fast Track for longer time periods.

There are recipes at the end of the book. I was a little confused because the plan states to try and follow the fast track exactly as written for 14 days. Then there are all these recipes at the end of the book. It didn't clarify, but I think those are for the people that want to do the fast track program ( basically no grains) longer, but need some variety from the basic 14 day menu.

I thought the book had lots of good scientific research to back up all of  guidelines of the plan. There was a question and answer part that was good. Jorge addressed a question as to why now he is selling the Belly Fat Cure, when in the past he endorsed his Three Hour diet plan. He answered honestly that when he wrote those books, that is what he believed to be true, but as his knowledge grew, he changed his concept of how to eat. I can accept that.

In conclusion, I liked the book more than I thought I would. Having been exposed to the Fast Track premise prior to the book release, I didn't expect there to be any new information shared. There is some new information, some great looking recipes, and the expected Jorge enthusiasm that we have come to know and love! I think I may like a hard copy to keep handy for the menus and recipes. I tried to eat my meals today based on the day one menu. I did okay up until dinner, but then we went out for sushi.. I think it fit fine into the BFC plan, but not sure if it fit exactly into the Fast Track menu.


  1. I'm not sure if I am going to buy it or not? Maybe I will sneak a peek at the book store.
    I don't have a kindle:( Just FYI, I hated always having to have reading glasses so I have a mono vision contact. I just wear the 1 contact and it is amazing how our brain adjusts. I love it because I don't have to use glasses anymore. I never had them handy and I always had to ask how much everything was. I couldn't even read menu's anymore.
    Pattie, I think you doing great and whatever you decide to do, you will do it successfully!
    Do you find now that you are home you have more control?

  2. I tried making a post before...maybe blogger was having issues. So here's my 2nd go... I may give it a go when I hit a plateau. Thanks for reviewing it. I do agree that it would be hard to do all of the time, really impossible for me. Maybe just do the fast track when you have more control, like at home?

  3. I love that you rolled over and started reading! lol! There are lots of changes in the book from what I last saw, but in a good way. I think he really took feedback from the Borders group and used it. The others I know in the book are pretty much 100% FT and hadn't done the BFC. I was the exception to that, as far as I know!

  4. I am still unsure if I will buy the book or not. I dont think I could stick with the FT for very long it seems a little to stict for me. I really want to buy a kindle so I can get a book when I wont it without having to leave the house.

  5. Pattie, I also bought the book and I really liked your review. I posted a few thoughts I had on it on my blog today. I might give it a try in a couple of weeks. I know I couldn't live like that forever, but it might be worth a try to accelerate things. I liked the recipes because they are more like what I'm used to cooking instead of using convenience foods like in his first book. If you do decide to try it for awhile I'll be curious to see what you think and how well it works for you.

  6. Pattie - thanks for the book review! I still haven't decided if I want to get it for my Ipod or not. That's a pretty small device, and I sure like 'real' books. Thank you for the feedback on the recipe page, and for the shout out! Have a great day!

  7. This post made me wonder when the FT is in stores, I don't have a kindle or a nook. I take the evening primrose oil to help with pms and I feel that it is really helping. Have a wonderful day :)

  8. I love reading your words! No matter how you are doing with the weight loss, you are not giving up! We lose the battle when we say "uncle". You just have to keep writing beautiful words of wisdom!