Saturday, September 17, 2011

Autumn breezes!

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well. The weather here in Pennsylvania has taken a turn towards Autumn. The high temperature today is in the low 70's and the nights are cool in the 50's. I really like it, but what a fast change in just a few days. We were in the mid 80's a few days ago. It's great to turn off the AC, throw open the windows, and let the cool breezes blow through the house. We decided against a trip to the beach this weekend, and while I do love it down there, it's nice to relax here without driving back and forth. Autumn weather invigorates me. I think it is remembering school days and all the newness that the fall season would bring.
Last flowers of summer
I love all the different blog posts this week, and I have so much to talk about. I tried to have another blog going where I could just blab on about whatever, but just didn't have time to keep up with it. I am a nurturer and a sharer by nature, and I always love to share new tips, ideas, and thoughts about what's going on. I'm not sure if this blog is the place to do that, or if any of my 17 followers would want to hear about anything other than the BFC and our weight losses, or gains. So some days I don't feel I have anything special to say.  Some days I don't even want to talk about my weight. Last week I was up a bit, so I felt like a loser posting about that. I was so happy the week before, and then I am back up. I'm afraid to jinx any loss I have by talking about it. I'm creeping down again and made some changes, so hope to have a better result this week. I'm very busy with work these days, so I haven't been able to post as much.. All of you west coasters that wouldn't mind a job, I wouldn't mind having you for some help. That's my biggest issue right now. I really need to hire some part time people to help out in our offices. I'm doing too much myself and when I don't have time for me, I get grumpy. Real grumpy! Ok, so enough about that
So I'm going to broaden my horizons and talk about some other things on this post some of the time. I hope you will indulge me a bit, and I hope you might find something of interest..

One of the things that I'm really going to miss about summer is all the wonderful fresh herbs that I have available to me right out my back door. Since I travel during the summer weekends, and work alot of the week, it's hard to tend to a large garden. My husband has all my plants rigged up with a sprinkler drip system. So all my pots, hanging baskets, and urns are lovely all summer long. I have a large pot of perennial herbs right off my kitchen.  There are wonderful perennial ( they come back each year in case you didn't know) herbs growing, like thyme, tarragon and chives They all grow together, and come back bigger and better each year. In the spring the chives get lovely little purple round balls of color. So pretty. I'm getting ready to freeze some and I will post about that later.

I have been loving the chives in my scrambled eggs this week. They give the eggs a great flavor. They have a mild oniony taste, but fresh and not at all overwhelming. I just snap off a few strands, fold them over a few times and using kitchen shears, snip them right into my eggs.
I am pretty fussy about my eggs, and almost no one makes them the way I like. They have to be very moist and no brown spots from sticking to the pan. I pour them in a  non stick pan sprayed with non stick spray or if I'm feeling a little decadent, some olive oil. Pour in the beaten eggs, snip in some chives ( basil works great too) and then sprinkle in some reduced fat cheddar cheese. Cook them slowly because protein can toughen up if cooked to fast. They come out cooked, but still moist and creamy in texture, and the cheese melts in and makes them alittle gooey.

Plate them up, add a few slices of bacon, and you have a great BFC or fast track breakfast. This week, I'm trying to stay away from the grains, but any other morning some coconut bread or a few slices of ezekial with butter would be just great.

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend....and maybe some scrambled eggs with herbs too!!

Thought for the day: " A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg, even though he knows that you are sightly cracked"  B. Meltzer


  1. Another beautiful post! I personally love to hear about everyone's lives and the BFC is just a small part of our day. I have always loved to learn from others, so I love having people share thoughts. I am kind of bummed because my daughter reads my blog and I have things that I would love to share about her sometimes!!! Like she is messy, messy, messy! She bakes and has lots of bad food around here. The bummer too is that she has gained weight and doesn't want to hear about my "no sugar" thing. It kind of hurts my feelings that we can't share my success. I do love, love, love having my grandson here. I hope I am prepared for how empty the house will seem when he is gone. Hearing "Grandma K, Grandma K" the first thing every morning is so joyful!!! The run into my legs for a "big hug". So sweet! He is gone this morning and I kind of miss the little guy! Grandma Cindy is getting her fix today!
    I bet your plants are beautiful right now because of the cooler weather. Our weather is almost the same as yours. I'm kind of surprised at how quickly it was a little darker in the morning, and how much cooler it is. I hope someday to try different herbs. Would you believe that I have never tried them? I just bought my first olive oil several months ago. As I have said before, there is no chef waiting to get out here:) I never think about the eggs needing time to cook. I do everything fast to get it done. I will take the time to let them go slowly and be softer.
    I just want you to know that I am still using the leave a little on the plate. I give my husband all of my left behinds! This morning it was part of my poached egg/sausage crumbles. Once I make the decision to hand it off, I never regret it!
    Since I wrote you a book as a comment, I will sign off with "have a wonderful weekend!"

  2. I love hearing from you Kay, I wish we were closer, 'cause I know we would have a great time!

  3. HI Pattie,
    Anything that you want to talk about I will read and listen. That is what we are here for. I love your flowers and your eggs sound and look great too. I really wish I lived near you cause I sure could use a job and something to do. I am bored out of my mind sometimes. LOL
    Have a great rest of the weekend. :-)

  4. I love to hear about it all, Pattie! It has gotten cooler here, too. *sigh*. I'd love for it to stay warmer.

    Coconut is not a grain..It's a drupe.. just something to think about.... :)

    I wish I had more herbs growing. I need to do that! I have some chives and some basil. Those would be great in my eggs! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Your watering systems sounds so ingenious! I'm always worried about the plants on my deck when I'm gone for awhile. I LOVE fresh herbs! I have about five different kinds in garden and my favorite is basil! I'm going to miss that this winter! I love hearing about BFC stuff and anything else that's going on as well. All of it gives a clearer picture of our lives and what effects us and our diet don't you think?

  6. Hey Patti, I love love your blog and really enjoy you talking about other things besides just the diet. It makes me feel like I have know you forever. I wish I had a herb garden or better yet know how to use them in my foods. I am so plain with my cooking salt and pepper lol. Thats my biggest problem with diets is that I dont know how to keep my food interesting enough for me to want to eat it. But I find so many great things from my blogger family. I wish we lived closer so I could help you out with your work so you wouldnt have to be so stressed out. I truly understand that feeling.

  7. i tried to post to you last night, but my connection at home was slow. I love reading your blog. You are doing great!

  8. Hey girl!
    I have some chives growing outside my patio and I love to use them in my eggs too! Matter of fact, I snipped some (with kitchen shears too) into my egg beaters this am and had 2 slices of turkey bacon with them. I like to melt a slice of 2% milk cheese on top of my scrambled egg & then I pile it on a light high fiber english muffin or 2 slices of trader joes sprouted wheat bread which is fabulous and low carb & no sugar...belly friendly.
    I feel like we have all been friends forever too and it is great to know that we all have our daily issues to deal with as well as our weight woes. I love the support I get from my blogger sisters. You are all priceless girlfriends!
    Have a great day my friend & hopefully a less stressful week!