Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm's a Comin'

A perfect beach day!
Hello all. Back from the week at the beach. Had to leave alittle early ( Friday instead of Sunday) because  Hurrincane Irene is coming. Who invited her anyway??We had a mandatory evacuation in Longport, NJ. We are just a small little town, nestled between Margate, and the bridge to Ocean City. My house is not beach front, but we are a block away and have nice ocean views from our third floor deck. I told my husband we may be beach front after this storm! It was such a nice peaceful, sunny day there yesterday and I didn't want to leave. However it was hard to ignore the warnings coming over these loudspeakers..."WARNING, LONGPORT IS UNDER A MANDATORY EVACUATION". I never knew they had speakers like that. I think they are mounted on the tops of telephone poles at strategic places around the town.

So we pulled up the awnings, brought in what outdoor furniture we could into the garage. We couldn't bring it all in, so we had to pile some of it up. I kind of feel like the media is hyping this storm up a bit, but I guess we will have to see.
Our awnings. Hope they make it through the storm!
It's raining hard in PA right now. They are calling for between 6 and 10 inches. New York has closed it's subway system, Philly has stopped all transit. The stores are out of bottled water, and I'm going out to dinner tonight! If this storm wants to come, so be it, but I'm still enjoying the rest of my weekend.
The storm begins here in PA.
Late tonight, and early tomorrow will be the worst of it I think. I plan to make the coconut bread and the peanut butter cookies from Dawn's blog post while I'm stuck inside. I have been on the go so much lately and I know I need to tighten up a bit regarding how well I'm following the plan. It's rare to be stuck inside, so this will be a good project for me. We get those snow days once in awhile, but it's unusual. I'm also going to use my "rain day" tomorrow to revisit alot some blogs, the bfc book, and plan for my upcoming week so that I will have everything I need. There are so many tips and good meal suggestions and I need to refresh my  memory a bit, because it will be back to the beach next weekend for the Labor Day weekend. That means houseguests, tempting food, and a change of schedule. I will need to have all my ammunition in place to get by!

So that's it for today. I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. Let's hope Irene has a short visit, and leaves us none the worse!

Thought for the day: Into every life some rain must fall!.


  1. Hey there Pattie!
    OMG!! Can I come over to your beach house??? It looks absolutely FABULOUS!!! Im sorry Aunt Irene is raining on your parade but glad you and the family got out safely. Your photos are so lovely! I love the sand & water & we have a timeshare in Aruba that we havent used in 12 yrs & hubby & I think we are going to take the girls there next year for vacation. Everything is very expensive but its like having your own apt so we will only eat out for dinner & will cook breakfast & lunch.
    I too plan to prepare for the upcoming week tomorrow. I had a less tahn stellar week...only lost .4# (whoop de doo!) but its a loss so I will take it, I suppose. Im Sooooooooo tired of being in the low 180s!! I need to break out of this rut!
    Have a great day my friend!!

  2. I have been watching the news all day. I think the media does hype things, but if they didn't, they would get all the negative press for not hyping it? Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I just hope for your sake that it is hyped and you have electricity to bake your yummy's.
    A suggestion that everyone might like and it is really filling is the grilled steak spinach salad. We had it again last night and my husband loves it too. Since you don't get chili cheese fritos to add crunch on top, you could use something crunchy. Does your family like Enchilada's? They are easy and go a long way. The sauce has very little sugar in it and you can eat the healthy tortilla's. I am no chef, but when I make them, I put all the filling in a big tupperware bowl and spoon into the tortilla's. It saves a lot of time when you aren't adding sauce, olives, cheese to individual tortilla's.
    We are meat eaters in our family so it is easier for us. I am really loving adding the spinach to my mashed potatoes so I can have a small serving stretch for my carbs.
    Someone on a low carb blog posted how she makes her pizza's in just a pan with no crusts, kind of like a casserole. I don't like a lot of toppings on mine so it wouldn't be very thick, but if you like veggies, etc. it could add up.
    I'm sure you have family tried and true favorites!
    Remember slow and steady and no giving up!!! I will haunt you on facebook:)
    Your beach house looks amazing, but I am glad you are in your home and safe!

  3. Hey Pattie, I'm in Raleigh, NC & it wasn't too bad here. I think there were some trees down here & there, but nothing down in our yard. Stay safe. I have not watched the news, but for your sake hopefully it's weakening.

  4. That house sure is pretty - I hope your awnings weather the storm! I used Adams crunchy peanut butter this time, and the cookies were a bit crumbly, so I'd suggest using creamy - it might hold them together better. i'd also be careful with the cookies - they are yummy! They are good enough to share, so if you wanted to make some and bring them somewhere you'd be safe and sane at the same time. :)

  5. Yes your beach house is beautiful. Its good that you packed stuff up cause you never know. Be safe and let us know what happens in that neck of the woods.
    Its been real hot over here lately over 100 every day.
    Have a good one. :-)