Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good wine is a necessity of life for me. ~ Thomas Jefferson

View from our terrace at the Wine Country Inn
Hello Everyone. There has been so much discussion on wine lately that I felt compelled to add my two cents! That's what I love about our blogs. We all give our opinions, and respect each others thoughts, and we certainly get alot of points of view. The topic of wine seems to be a big one though, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

In the champagne caves at Schramsburg, with my son, his fiancee.
When I started the BFC, I was surprised to see that wine ( good wine, not sweet dessert wine) has very little to no sugar. I remember googling it to verify this fact. Sure enough I found it to be true. But as a wine lover and a participant in many wine tours ( I have this deep love of Northern California and the wine country), I remembered some of the wine lessons I learned;fermentation occurs when the yeast consumes the sugar in the grape juice. So wine is not a sugar laden beverage. There are some super sweet dessert type wines, but they are not what most people consume.

I realize there are many schools of thought, as well as some of you, who say you can't lose weight while consuming a couple of glasses of wine a day. Well, wine is a caloric beverage, with little nutritional value. There are some good properties and health benefits associated with red wine, and we all know the Europeans have been enjoying wine with meals from a very young age. It has no fat, a minimal of carbs, little to no sugar. The alcohol componet does make it caloric, so it has the ability to count towards a daily calorie allowance, but there's not alot to it. But to say that you can't lose weight if you have two glasses of wine a day, but you can if you have several slices of bacon, cheese, nuts or chips, doesn't make any sense if you really think about it. I know we don't count calories, but you all know you can't eat unlimited amounts of the "free 0/0 " food. That is the mistake that I have been making. I have been overdoing the bacon, the cheese, the nuts. Staying within my limits, but overdoing nonetheless. I could be wrong, but I believe therein lies my problem, not those two glasses of wine a day. Even though we don't count calories, they do play a role in the loss of weight. That's why some weeks our losses are better than others. If we were to count, we would see that we had too many, even if they did come from belly good foods.

I love wine. It's something I like to read about, talk about and pair food with. I'm not an alcoholic, but I can't imagine going out for a nice meal and not pairing a glass of wine with it. It may seem strange to some, but I don't get cigars or golf, yet I would never dare to tell those that are passionate about those things, that it doesn't make sense to me. It's just not my thing.

I did lose this week, and it was a big loss for me, 3 lbs. I had gained the week before, so I was playing catch up, but I had my two, ( and a few more on the weekends) glasses of wine each day. I did cut out the extra cheese, bacon, nuts, and cut back on one carb each day. I think that was the difference

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I do think it can be worked into the program. Can you have your wine and all your 6 carbs too? That I'm not so sure about. I have the sugar under control, but I am struggling with the carbs. So that's what I'm working on. But my wine, well that's another story. That bottle of Sean Minor Pinot Noir I shared when we went out to dinner tonight was delicious, and it made my seared scallops and spinach all the more heavenly. I passed on the bread though! And that's where I'm concentrating my efforts on. Cheers!

Future daughter-in-law and me listening intently to our wine guide!
Late afternoon champagne on the terrace at Mumm

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."--- Michael Broadbent
Hubby finally gets in a photo!
Wine tasting at Jordan vineyards


  1. I'm happy that you love your wine. I'm happy that you can have the wine on the BFC. I'm happy that you feel comfortable enough to voice your opinion. I'm happy that we all met on this journey. I'm happy that I am losing weight:) I'm happy if you're happy!

  2. First I love all you photos. I just want to say that I also love wine. I just chose to only have it once or twice a week and not every day like Jorge says. That's just me. But I do LOVE IT too.
    I think it got brought up a lot lately because of Jorges latest Menu. I wish I could go tasting with you. Have a great day :-)

  3. I forgot to say, GREAT JOB on the weight loss and the pictures are beautiful:)

  4. I love your pics and thank you for sharing them with us! You have a very cute family! When is your son planning to get married? When we were in CA my folks came to visit and we went wine tasting in Temecula and it was sooo much fun. I would personally give up other carb servings to have a glass or two of wine when I want rather than give it up all together. :)

  5. What wonderful pictures, and thank you for letting your opinion be known clearly as well! It is great that there can be differing opinions and we all have success here. This is part of what I love about this way of eating!

    Three pounds is so great - hooray! Catching up is good- getting ahead that week is even better!

    I don't think we can have all six carb servings AND wine and lose weight. I'm not sure why white is 0/0 and red is 0/1, do you have any information about that? I also did lots of research about the sugars in wine to make sure that they would fit on the diet, including talking to the guy that owns my local wine shop.

    I am pretty sure that I am not going to get a while lot lower in weight than I am now without cutting out alcohol temporarily, as it does lower your metabolism, but I'm doing everything else first.

    I've only been to one tasting. I don't have friends around where I live to go with, so while there are places around here to go, no one to go with.

  6. I love wine too but I rarely drink my calories. I havea glass when I am out to dinner with friends although I did go out with friends the other night & only hada diet soda. I know, not allowed on BFC, but it is allowed on WW. Anyways, I think that life is too short to go without the things we love so bottoms up my friend & enjoy every sip!
    Love you pics too! You are beautiful & have a lovely family.

  7. Hi Pattie! I've been doing BFC for a couple of months now and follow all of your (and everyone above's) blogs! I agree with you about the wine! I'd give up carbs and maybe even chocolate (but don't quote me on that) to have my wine! I consider wine tasting one of my hobbies and adore tasting in Sonoma and Temecula! Actually, I live in So. Cal. and have been tasting in both places, frequently! My motto is that life is too short not to enjoy it! Cheers and congrats on your loss this week! Please keep on bloggin (all of you)! I need all of the support I can get! I'm friends with Rosalie and Amber on facebook if anyone wants to look me up :)
    Carey Callander