Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the road again!

Hello all. Back from my weekend at the shore. It's my summer ritual. Friday morning, (sometimes Thursday depending on the work load) I pack the three dogs in the back of the SUV, grab some stuff and drive 84 miles from PA to NJ. I often think how crazy this is driving back and forth, because I'm just going for a short amount of time.  But when I get there, I do find the change of scenery, and the lazy pace of a little beach town really does destress me and I enjoy myself. The time seems to pass slower there. I read more, relax more, laugh more.

But then Sunday comes and I turn around and do the process in reverse. We used to stay until Monday morning. If I had my way, I'd just stay down all summer, but work beckons. It's just too hard from my husband to get up at 4:30 Monday morning, so he can get to the office by 7:30. He can't be late because he has patient office hours on Monday, and with traffic, you never know how long the drive will take. So we get back Sunday, and relax in our backyard around the pool. It's actually a nice way to end the weekend. Start at the beach, end up by the pool!

 I've been absent from my blogger friends for a few days, and I just poured a cup of coffee, caught up with all of your blogs, and wanted to write alittle before I get my day started. I work mostly from my home office, and I run my husbands' medical practice. Not really by choice, but when he left his other practice and went out on his own, I just seemed like the logical person to help out in the beginning. My youngest of three sons had just left for college, I am an RN, although I stopped working after my oldest was born and became a stay at home mom for all those years, and he needed help.

But here it is a few years later, and I still have that job!It's very demanding and I have a lot to do evey week.  At this point, neither of us thinks we can find anyone to do what I do, but I think in the fall I'm going to start looking.I run our business, our homes, our cars, and it's alot for one person to handle. We are busy with two offices, and I find I am craving some free time for myself. Yesterday I had to cover the front desk because someone called out, so everything I had planned to do, business and personal, got pushed to the back burner. I left the house at 7 and didn't get home until after 5. So enough whining, but  if  I'm awol for a few days, you know what's going on!

The weekend was nice and my middle son, who is staying in New York to look for a job post  college graduation, came down with three friends. Three big and hungry friends! I did lots of cooking and entertaining. Didn't do too bad eating wise ( we'll see what the scale says on Wednesday!), but I know I ate more carbs then I should have had. I didn't keep track. It's hard to stay focused when I go do a different environment. I have the house stocked with all my BFC essentials, but after my normal breakfast, the rest of the day is a struggle to keep my head where it should be. I almost forget what I'm supposed to eat when people are ordering take out sandwiches, beers at lunch, appetizers on the beach, bringing doughnuts home from the doughnut shop. I did have a cookie this weekend. Felt like a failure, but then I thought, of all the sweet stuff there was lying around, if that's all I had, then it's not the end the world.  It's a problem I have to learn to cope with, because with college boys and big appetites around, it's going to be different than my normal house, where mostly it's just the dogs, my husband and me. My kids come home and say, 'there's nothing to eat in this house'! But at the beach house, people and guests come with all sorts of stuff. The temptation is there and I have to really be strong willed sometimes.

Actually, when you think of it, it's good practice for life. Because if this is my way of eating for life, then I have to learn to eat well regardless of the circumstances and what food is around. So I'll get to practice again next weekend, and the weekend after that!!!! Practice makes perfect!

Until next time!

Thought for the day: It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back. ~Mick Jagger


  1. You can do it! I have three boys and they're already starting to EAT! I have a hard time with restricting their food, and I can only imagine when they're big enough to go buy their own food the kinds of things they will bring home!

    Practice makes perfect!

  2. It sounds like you really need that weekend when it comes around. And if all you did wrong was an extra carb here and there and 1 cookie - you did great :-)

  3. Wow, you are a very busy lady. Pat yourself on the back for me! Your blog probably helps you to slow down and ponder your thoughts. That is a good thing!
    There will always be challenges in this lifestyle, but we will win at the end of the day. Even if it isn't all about the pounds lost, if it is the health and well being.
    Blessings to you my hard working friend:)

  4. Wow, going to the shore every weekend sounds wonderful AND a little exhausting. If your household is anything like mine then 98% of the planning, packing and unpacking falls to you! I'm leaving for the beach this Sunday! Do you have any easy BFC beach meals you like to make while your there?