Friday, June 17, 2011

A picture is worth a thousands words!

Good day all!  I forge on and again thank you for all your positive comments. Checking in on a daily basis really helps me. Had a few rocky days where I didn't plan well, but I hope it hasn't derailed me too much and as another day dawns, I start fresh.

You know when I was searching the thousands of photos of have stored on my computer, and trying to find a good one of me for this blog, I was having the darndest time finding one I liked, one that made me look "good", or at least my version of good. This one made my neck look wrinkled, that one made my face look puffy, or God forbid, this one made me look pregnant (or wait maybe that was just the shirt I tell myself!). Hundreds of photos and very few made me happy.

People used to always tell me, way back in the day, that I always took a nice photo. I think I was just lucky, but I did have some nice shots of me with family and friends, at weddings and picnics. What happened?  I can't blame it on the cameras. They have gotten better over the years and capture eveything in digital clarity. Can I blame it on the photographer? Are they supposed to tell me, step aside Pattie, you won't look good in this one! Who would do that? So I can only say that what you see is what you get. I look the way I do, because I look the way I do. If I'm not happy about it, a better camera, more cooperative photographer or even artful editing ( I'll just cut the photo off at my neck!) isn't going to give me the photo I want.

Three years ago, my mother lost over 40 pounds on weight watchers. It worked for her and she has kept it off. I have my desktop computer in my office on screen saver. It flashes through my photos and  many moments in my life. I see a happy vacation to Italy with a large family group, pictures of birthdays, weddings, and graduations and just everyday glimpses of wonderful family memories. However, time and time again, I see photos of my Mom pop up at her larger weight. I can't believe it's her. She looks soooooo much better now, younger, happier more vibrant. It never fails that when I see a former photo of her, my mind has a hard time remembering her that way. In three years my memory and perception have changed so much. She seems so tiny now. Where her wrists always that small? Didn't she always have big boobs? So much has changed about her, and for the better. She's happier too. I see lots of great photos of here beaming with her family.

So from here on in, I want every picture of me to look better than the one before. This will be another bonus benefit of losing weight, and I won't feel embarrased to see myself on someone elses facebook wall or screensaver. When my son walks down the aisle to get married next July, I am going to seek out that photographer and get some wonderful family shots that I can be proud to be seen in. Ready, set, smile!

Have a great rest of the week everyone. I'm heading to the Jersey shore early Friday ( no, not the 'Snooky' and 'Situation' Jersey shore. Our town is  very small and much quieter!) so I may not get to post until Monday. There may be no time with all the reading, dozing and relaxing I'm planning to do on the beach! All of my boys will be down, along with one fiancee and one lovely girlfriend. It will be the last time I see my oldest until August as he is leaving next weekend to continue his internship in Chicago. He has been in New York the last three weeks, so thankfully trains run between New York and where we are.  Planning to cook alot this weekend, and although all the boys in my house, including my husband, are long and lean, they all try to eat healthfully and work out. Planning on grilling lots of goodies that we can all enjoy.

Goodbye for now. Work hard, play nice. Go to your destiny! Fear nothing! ( not even the cameras!)

Thought for the day:
"Picture" yourself in a better place and at your ideal weight!

What's exciting me today:
*Had a good time out out with friends  last night. It's usually sushi Wednesday, but we're switching it up this week and going for tapas Thursday. Lots of small plate choices so I can follow the BFC and I promise no paella this time!
*My gardens are beautiful and dewy this morning after a long rainfall last night. So pretty and fresh. Picked lettuce and herbs this morning for the weekend.
*Getting away for the weekend to see the ocean and smell the salt air!


  1. I know what you mean about wanting to look good in pics. I think your son's wedding is a good goal. Your weekend sounds super fun I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  2. I understand about the picture thing. Although I think I look good now, but there are times when I think I still I look terrible in pictures.
    I used to delete all the pics of me cause I always looked so big I guess. I think its all about perception of ourselves I guess.
    We have to believe that we are beautiful!!
    Have a great time :-)

  3. Your post was very timely since I was just trying to have my husband take a picture that made me look svelte!!! It didn't work, but he made me laugh!
    Have a wonderful time over the weekend. There is no better place in the world to be than at the Beach and with Family.
    You can do this!!!

  4. I'm in the same boat. I've been encouraged to take some pics and post them, but I, personally, am a big chicken...Give me time....give me time....

    Have a great weekend!