Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Good afternoon everyone. I hope wherever you are the weather is as beautiful as it is here. I've had a hectic day today, but I really want to try and write something everyday if I can. I have so many thoughts in my head, and this is a great place to let them flow freely.

I know I've told you how so many of you BFC bloggers inspire me and give me new ideas. Ideas about what to do, how to think, how to act and of course how to eat! I am trying to glean as much of this advice and ideas, and incorporate them into my life. I am paying attention to what you are doing right and trying to imitate that.

 Today Helen, on her blog, took alot of time to fill me in on a few things that her other followers already knew about her routine. She explained cardio on autopilot and her breakfast shake and I just know she will tell me what glok means soon! Rosalie has shared so much information and Katy, Dawn, Kay have inspired me too. Forgive me if I miss anyone. I am so appreciative for all the advice, kind words, genuine caring that I am feeling through this blog and your own blogs. It's a beautiful thing when strangers can reach out and help others, lend support and show concern. Okay, I'm getting sappy now, but I mean it.

I started thinking today about why every magazine cover, every diet book, or television show about dieting features real people to make their point. It's not just the nutritionist or book author giving you their plan for success, they always feature real people too.  It means something more to me when I see a real person featured with their story, because now everything is believable and real. When an ordinary person  changes their life, you realize that you can too. ( and ladies you are anything but ordinary, but I mean non celebrity or movie star when speaking here) . Jorge can write all the books he wants, but seeing his plan working in the lives of real people is what really sells me on the BFC way of life. Plus I feel better too with all the sugar and artificial stuff out of my diet.

 So I'm realizing that  if I pay special attention to what another person is doing right, and imitate what they are doing, things may go well for me too .  I hope to imitate all of you "losers" and be the ultimate copy cat!

Bye for now - "Work hard, play nice, be kind. Go to your destiny! Fear nothing! (well maybe sugar and artificial sweeteners!;)

Thought for the day:
Program yourself for success. Be willing to work for what you want!

What's exciting me today:
* Gotta go with the weather again!
*Watching my dog twitching and moving while he's asleep. What dreams he must be having!
* Realizing that I had too much going on today to have my in laws over for dinner so I didn't invite them as I   had wanted to this morning. Rather than feeling guilty ( and tired after preparing a special meal), I feel happy that I gained some time for me. I can have them over next week!
* my scale was down anothe pound this morning. Not an official weigh in, but still excited me!


  1. Great job on the pound gone AND on realizing you had too much going on to have people over - that's a tough thing for me to do, realize that I have too much going on. :) I'm going on vacation, so have a great week(end)! I'll catch up with you again next week!

  2. Dawn, have an awesome time on vacation. Talk to you soon!

  3. That's how I learned so many things about the BFC is reading so many comments and blogs from others. I got a lot of great ideas that way.
    Being dwn another lb is great! Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. I agree I have learned the best things from others blogs and the comments and the comments left on mine. I go back and forth with posting what I eat...and when I have I have learned some very good things from the comments on my blog. We are all here to suppport and help eachother :)

  5. I have tried many ways of losing weight, and the BFC and BFCFT are the first plans I have tried that really work and that I can live with. I am so grateful for that! Having failed so many times before I never thought I could succeed, but this time I have, which is one of the reasons I want to help other succeed if I can. Congrats on your pound gone Pattie! Every pound is a victory, and leads to the next one! Good for you!!!