Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching up!

Today Rosalie mentioned in her blog, Healthy Me Doing the Belly Fat Cure, that not many people left comments. I realized, since I am starting to blog, that when you do have followers and they just read and move on, the lack of feedback can be disheartening.

I don't have any followers, and am just a beginner blogger, but at this point, my little blog is a way of journaling, and getting my thoughts out of my mind and onto something. Instead of paper, it's the blog. I don't have much to share other than my thoughts and opinions. I love to give those out, so this little blog is where they will go.

It's a cloudy day here in the northeast. We are lucky to have a second vacation home at the Jersey shore ( no, not that jersey shore!! No Snookie or Situation there!) but decided to stay home since the weather wasn't supposed to be too great. I really need to catch up on stuff at home. I admit that I'm a bit addicted to my computer. I love to read blogs, surf the web, facebook etc. I realize that I have to get my real work done and then I can play around. Unfortunately a lot of my work is done on the computer and it is so tempting to surf around.

So my husband and I stayed home. My youngest son went down with his friend. He's of legal age now, so I don't have to worry about underage drinking and such. Plus they can walk to some bars and it's easy to get a taxi to others. I'm sleeping alot more soundly this summer than in the past.I really worry alot. I tend to operate on the pesimistic belief that if you expect the worse you will be prepared for anything. Working on that issue!

So I am catching up on bills, work stuff and giving the clutter on my desktop a permanent home. I hate clutter and when things are cluttered, my whole self feels out of wack. I feel so much clearer in the head when my environment is organized, neat, clean and free of stuff!

I am struggling to stay on the BFC. Had paella when I went out to dinner last night at a great little tapas place. We have a few BYOB places near us, and this place has a charming little patio and wonderful small dish entrees. You can try a few and the food is great. Of course the leftover paella didn't make it past this morning, when I ate it for breakfast. Not sure how many carbs that would be, but I hate  when I eat randomly and without a plan. Get right back on program is all I can say, or my little slip will become a big slide! I think I will make that my thought for the day!

Thought for the day: 
Don't let one little slip become a slide to disaster. Start fresh immediately!

What's exciting to me today:

Paella for breakfast. OK, I know I shouldn't have eaten it, but it was good!!
No temptation to blow off my work because the weather isn't so great.
Hubby fixed the dishwasher so I didn't need a repair service call!
Caught up on laundry and all beds have fresh sheets. ( Isn't it sad how that excites me???)
Paid all the bills, filed all my paperwork. YAY!


  1. Hi Pattie, Haha even though you didn't leave your blog address on mine - I found it anyway.
    This is the best way to get all your thoughts down about What you are going thru while doing the BFC. don't work right now as you know and I totally understand on how we can get hooked on the net.
    No you know the Paella probably had too many carbs and sugar - but was it good?? I miss stuff like that.
    Have a great day Girl :-)

  2. Hi Rosalie! Yay I have a follower. I am such a blog novice and still trying to figure out how this all works. That's why I didn't leave my blog address, 'cause I wasn't sure how!!I think writing down thoughts and such is a good way to help me succeed on this plan. Let me say that I am in awe of you and how well you have done. You look great! I turn to your blog and Ambers to keep me going. I am the bad student, and haven't had much success but I am not giving up. I try to start with a fresh attitude every day. And I am going to really try and blog at least every few days. Thanks for not beating me up about the paella. And yes it was really good! I just asked Amber a few questions on her blog and I will ask you too. If you count the carbs, even though they are the "bad" refined carbs, is it okay once in awhile to indulge? I think you are probably going to say it is once you reach your goal, but only on rare occassions. Funny how sometimes we already know the answer but our mind tricks us! Have a great day my one follower!!!! One last thing, I was having trouble responding to your comment and I'm not to proficient at this blogging stuff yet. Is there a trick? I think this will post...we'll see.