Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organizing your diet and your life!

Do you love it?

Do you use it?

Everything needs a home

The floor is not a home.

Put it down once.( meaning put it down the first time in the place it belongs)

A place for everything and everything in its place.

These are all sayings that I have to keep myself organized and decluttered.  Sometimes I like to go off topic and talk about lifestyle issues. Organization is one of them. So here's what I'm thinking about today.

 I feel strongly that a tidy, organized home helps you to not only move around your space better, but makes you feel lighter and less weighed down. When everything is tidy and in order I feel that I am more relaxed and breathe easier. I have an allergic reaction to visual clutter. Well not really, but it feels that way. It makes me hyperventilate. Sort of!

Drawers and closets have to be constantly tidied up. Here are a few things I do religiously to stay organized.

1) Don't look at the big picture. Just take one drawer or one closet shelf and organize that. Do it while chatting on the phone or mindlessly listening to the radio or TV. If you do that consistently you will have all of your drawers and shelves organized eventually.

2) If you really aren't sure you can part with something, put it in a bag or box. Add as many items as you want.  Put the bag in a closet out of site. If after a six months you find you never went back to that bag to get that blouse, fancy serving platter or whatever the item may be,  then take the whole bag to the local goodwill or charity site. DON'T OPEN IT. Get it out of the house!

3) If you have clothes that you love, but don't fit into right now, do the same thing. Label the bag with the size clothing and get it out of site. If and when you get back to that size you know where to find your bag. If you don't, you can donate the whole bag. It makes your closet organized and easier to find what you can actually wear. 

4) Always keep a shopping bag in your closet. If you pull something off the shelf or the hanger, try it on and don't love it, or if it's stained, torn, out dated, or unflattering.....TOSS IT IN THE BAG! No matter how much it cost or who gave it to you.You will never go to this piece of clothing as a first choice and if you do, you will never feel good wearing it. We all have made those fashion mistakes where we fall for something because the sale is good, bought what turned out to be an unflattering color, or don't want to hurt a loved ones feelings by parting with a gift. You wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time.Get rid of those items that you don't love. They are weighing you down!

Now you might not move the scale with these techniques, but I swear you will start to feel better and lighter as the clutter decreases.  You will find things more easily and be less stressed.You will have more time to try out all the great recipes we share on these sites. Sending hugs and love!

Thought for the day: “Organize your life around your dreams - and watch them come true.”


  1. Sounds like you got OCD like me. LOL
    I love being organized it always make everything just cleaner I think. I am kind of a freak about putting stuff back where it goes.
    Have a good day. :-)

  2. Great ideas! I am very guilty of not getting rid of things that I know I will never use again. I like clean and organized too, I think that's why when I visit my daughter I feel like I am living in constant chaos. Well, I lived in chaos most of my wonder I am tired!!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. These are great, Pattie! I do have a clutter problem, and I do realize that when things are less cluttered I feel much better mentally. I need to constantly work on myself with regards to getting it out. Thanks for the advice!

  4. So funny that I always tell my family that everything has a home and the floor isn't it's home.....My husband needs to read this because he is the worst offender! I swear he needs to be on the show Hoarders! Atleast I have it so that if he puts his stuff downstairs I either throw a tempertantrum or I throw the stuff away. He's learning.....VERY SLOWLY ;)

  5. Happy Mother's Day Pattie!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. When I'm trying to get organized I often forget where I put things...go figure :)