Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keep on keeping on!!

Time is just flying by over here. Two weeks from this Saturday is the big wedding day for my son. Preparations are happening at lightening speed. Dance lessons, dress fittings, meetings with the caterer, florist,and putting together seating charts are just a few of the things going on. I am researching and purchasing the wine. Hey, somebody has to do it! I'm also doing other little things to help out my future daughter-in-law. Our main task is  planning the rehearsal dinner, and a day after the wedding, pool side get together. Even though we are not the parents of the bride, and not official hosts of the wedding, there are still so many things to be done. Everyone is feeling stressed and a little short on time.

I am trying my best to stick with my eating plan. Trying to keep those carbs under control and limit my sugars. I will admit when I'm really stuck, I have been grabbing a few more berries then I should, and I just decided not to buy any more redi whip for awhile. That is getting hard to control. I have always been a stress eater, and I always will be. With all that is going on, and not just with the wedding, the stress level is high over here. So keeping that in check is a constant battle for me. I'm not where I want to be weight wise, but I was just at my drs for a checkup and I'm down 18 lbs from the last time I was there. We all know how hard it is to lose one pound, so I am going to be happy with that, even though I had hoped it would be twice that amount. I'm learning from my mistakes, changing habits for life, and eating a different way now.

From some of the posts that I have been reading, I see that some of you have slipped a little too. No one ever said this journey was going to be easy or perfect. Stay the course, pick yourself up when you fall and get back on track. Renew your commitment every day, or every  meal if that's what it takes. It's not an all or nothing thing. I have been far from perfect. I've had too many carbs, too much wine, and slipped with some sweets a few times. But I still keep coming back to what I know and what I continue to learn from all of you. I would have never stayed the course this long if if weren't for all of you, my dear cyber friends!

I also realized that I never shared some of the other exciting things going on in the past month. I so love seeing all of your photos, so I hope you enjoy mine as well. I shared my older sons MBA graduation, but my baby ( if you can call 22 a baby!!) also graduated a few weeks ago from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. We also hosted a wonderful couples shower the first week of June. Such a fun time with the guys and the gals! Here are a few photos! Hope you like them. Until next time, sending hugs and love! I'm at the beach this week until Monday. I'll keep in touch!

Thought for the Day
“There is always going to be obstacles.
The thing you do is don’t let those obstacles determine where you go.”
~ Pearl Fryar

Quinnipiac University
Michael with his proud parents.
My oldest and my youngest son and my husbanc.
My mom and me having a cocktail and some appetizers at the cocktail party the university hosted the day before graduation.

The buffet table at the restaurant that we decorated for Meg and Ryan's couple showers. Note the large purple pom poms. It took me forever to put them together!!
The party favors....bottles of bubbly customized with a photo label!!!
My three sons!

The flower arrangements I made for the shower. Thank goodness my yard is filled with hydrangeas!

The Happy Couple!

My John, hamming it up for the camera!!


  1. I love, love, love the pictures!!! How cool is that that your son graduated from Quinniapac.(sp) What a small world at times. My Matthew's girlfriend's name is Talia, how weird would it be if your son knew her? She is a quiet little thing, so doubtful!!!
    You look great and I am very happy for you! 18 lbs gone and you haven't been great is that?!!!
    I am slipping, I am still wrapping my head around the carbs, but I will get back on track. I am starting to think sugar isn't the devil, carbs are!
    Have a wonderful time and thanks for taking the time to share! Everything is just beautiful!!!

  2. Oh my goodness - what wonderful pictures, and You look great! I think you should be so very proud of your accomplishments this year, Pattie. You have done so much and come so far! It is only human for us to 'slip up' every now and again, and that you are still with us, blogging and sharing, is great and wonderful! I love the pom pons, the bubbly favors, and really how happy you look in all those photos! Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans, too. I am afraid for when I am in the midst of that, too, in about 10-20 years. LOL. Have a great night!

  3. I love all the pictures and you look so beautiful! You have so much going on and are doing the best you can. I know what you mean about the RediWhip - its hard to not reach for some of that every night. Don't forget to enjoy yourself a bit too. :-)

  4. I love your pictures!! Your sons are so handsome and I thought you looked absolutely beautiful in your pictures! How exciting the wedding is so close. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. You look great! I can't wait to see a picture of you in your Mother of the Groom dress. :) I've been wondering which one you ended up picking. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. It's been fun following along.

  6. Gorgeous family, Pattie! I, also, am with you on the reddi whip. I just can't control myself with it. Also with you on the wine!!!!! When life gets stressful, and it really is with kids and a job, I reach for the wine! I'm just catching up with all of the blogs after being in Maui and have been really busy at work. My job is supposed to be part time, but it's not! I hope you have a blast at the wedding. These things take soooo long to plan and then the day flies by. I hope everything goes perfectly and the bride and groom (and parents) are all very happy!
    Love and hugs!