Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine!

Hello Everyone!

Down at the shore for a few days. So hot and humid here. Temperatures will be close to 100 on parts of the east coast. Temperatures along the shore seem about ten degrees cooler. I hope the beach will be cooler with the sea breeze. Somehow when you are sitting on a beach chair, at the waters edge, and under a shady umbrella, things seem just fine!

 Just had a long walk with the dog to the farmers market down by the bay. Bought some beautiful lettuce, radishes, blue and blackberries, peaches for my husband, and two balls of homemade mozzarella.. It was tough to avoid the beautiul breads, homemade pizzas, and muffins, but I walked on by!!

Came home and made one of my favorite breakfasts; poached eggs. This time I had them over two pieces of flaxseed bread. Very delicious! If you haven't tried poached eggs, I think you would be surprised at how delicious they are. Not hard to make either.

Now I'm  off to the big supermarket to stock the fridge with all the remaining stuff I need before my boys and their friends get here for the weekend. It's amazing how much kids in their twenties can eat in a weekend! And it isn't sugar free and low carb either!!! Plus I have to look at all the girls in their string bikinis. Painful on many levels!!!

Have a great day everyone!Photo: At the beach in Longport!!!

Thought for the day:

( Not sure of the author. but posted by Louise Smith on facebook!!)


  1. Love your thought and all the pictures. Have a great time for me too :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by with an update. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Good for you for passing up all the sugary and carb foods.

  3. Oh do I hear you about the teeny bikini's! My 15 yr old daughter and her friends live in bikinis since we live at the beach, and they have smoking bodies! No fair that they eat like "shit", but I guess we probably did too at that age. How did the wine picking go? I have no doubt that you picked the 'Perfect" Chardonnay! Have a blast at the Coast! I"m heading to Maui on MOnday with my twin sis and can't wait to relax with no work and no kids!

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  5. For the record ... I NEVER looked like that in a bikini ... I'm not sure I EVER wore one ... lol. Maybe next year I'll be like Amber and model one on my blog (could you imagine??). Sure looks nice there - have fun! I LOVE the beach/water.

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  7. Ahh, what a wonderful place to be! Great job passing by all that belly bad stuff. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. When I was in Hawaii I could count on 1 hand how many gals looked like that in a bikini. Maybe it was the age of the people at the resort? Anyway, enjoy yourself and relax:)
    Enjoy each day and breathe!!! And facebook message me what you thought about Fifty:)