Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have I been duped?

Hello everyone. It's a rainy, dreary Monday here in the northeast. Today was my weigh in day. When I jumped my naked body ( don't even try to picture it!!!) on the scale, first this morning I was up 3/10 of a pound. Alittle bit of disappointment set in. I did go out to dinner last night to our favorite thai restauant. I had the basil salmon with steamed veggies. I asked for more veggies insead of the rice, and they happily agreed. I figured there was probably a little more sodium in that meal, so maybe I might have a little water retention. I also just got my period yesterday, so I figured there were a few reasons that I could be up alittle. I don't ask for much in the weight loss department, but I am happy if I could just lose a pound a week. Baby steps, small goals  work best for me. I know I'm the slowest loser, but I need a little success to keep me motivated. So I accepted the reading,  and got dressed for the gym.

My husband was still home when I got downstairs. He said to me, "what's up with that scale?" " It's saying I lost about 8 lbs and I know I didn't." Now you need a bit of history here. My husband is very thin, as is everyone in his family. If you don't believe that there is a genetic component to being overweight, then you need to meet this family. They eat well, but they are all tall and thin, and no one has a weight problem. In fact I think his mother needs to put on about 10 lbs because she is so skinny.  His sister and I would eat pretty much the same foods when we would go away on family vacations together. We would come home, and I would be up 5 lbs and her weight would be the same. So frustrating,  but we have to work with the hand of cards we've been dealt. No sense crying about it right?

 A normal person wouldn't have paid much attention to the question my husband asked me. But to a scale obsessed person, like myself, this question can cause, fear, panic, and even tears! "What do you mean? You think the scale is reading inaccurately and too low, I asked????" "Yes", he answered. "There is no way I lost 7 lbs in a week, and I just weighed myself at the gym.the scale is off."

 I bolted up the stairs to the very scale I just left. I hopped on. It was up 2 20 minutes??? Then I moved it all around my bathroom and I got different weights each time. Really different weights. What is going on? I did a post on this while back and I showed through pictures that the scale read differently when I moved it from the boys bathroom to mine. It's a digital scale and only about 2 years old. There is one area of my bathroom that I think the floor is not level. The scale wobbles alittle in that spot. So I always make sure the 4 little feet are flat on the surface. The bathroom was cleaned yesterday, so maybe the scale got moved around a bit, but now I'm wondering how I know for sure what I weigh and if it's accurate.

For now, I'm sticking with the weight I got first thing this morning. Remember I lost three pounds last week, which is unusual for me, so being up 3/10 makes more sense. I think I am going to get another scale anyway. This is causing me anxiety!

Thought for the day: “Some people succeed bcause they are destined to, but, most people succeed because they are determined to." Author Unknown


  1. HI Pattie,
    I love your quote today. You know I have that problem with my scale too. One day I get on and it said 148 twice, I was like - WHAT? Then I got back on and it said 152, Then I was like - what :-(.
    maybe it needs a new battery, if its the kind that takes one - that is.
    Don't worry about it, just try to have a great day :-)

  2. My scale isn't as accurate as I want it to be, either. I always make sure it's in the middle of a 'square' of the floor of my bathroom, and weigh myself like 4 or 5 times in a row, and take the lowest one. LOL. I agree with Rosalie, get a new battery if it's digital, and get a new scale if it's analog. Have a great day! Did I say my menu yesterday was about 1400 calories? Assuming b/c I didn't weigh my butter and may have forgotten a few shreds of cheese on my salad last night.

  3. It's true the scale can make you 'crazy' I try to weigh at the same time of day...after bathroom, undressed, etc. I think weight is like our blood pressure-it changes during the day.
    Good idea about the battery,etc. You're doing so well-I hope you can feel that.
    Have a great day!

  4. Sounds like it's time for a battery or a new scale. Don't let it dictate or ruin your day, though. Do your best (and it sounds like you did great at the Thai place) and the weight loss will follow :) I feel like a hippocrit (sp?) giving this advice since I don't weigh myself! LOL

  5. Isn't it crazy how we let the scale control us? I remember when I lost weight and thought I was dying because I hadn't been very good lately!
    I have a WW scale that is supposed to give body fat etc. I have never taken the time to try and figure it out. Sometimes is weighs the same over and over and I have to grab a bottle of shampoo to add the weight, and then see what it weighs

    after I do that!
    You are officially down, you mind is set to succeed, so get a new scale:)
    The people that are naturally thin are lucky, but so are we...if we weren't naturally thin, we wouldn't be on this journey together.
    My husband always says "what's the tale o the scale". If it is up I get pissy and answer snotty, if it down or maintained, I answer nicely! Poor guy!
    Good job on the veggies last night. I would think that Thai food would have a lot of sodium. Just make good choices for you every day, small changes will eventually add up. Trust me!
    Sometimes I feel like "why am I doing this?" I don't go anywhere anyway, I don't have tons of money to spend on clothes, I may as well eat". Then I slap myself and be good:)
    Hugs and Blessings:)

    I post these quickly so I don't go back and critique myself or change my heartfelt post...just so you know...I do know how to spell etc.:)

  6. Oh my gosh...That post had tons of errors...if we were naturally thin...and my quotations? Ugh!

  7. I know my scale is not accurate! I have three scales in this house and each one reads a different amount. I try to use the same scale for my Wednesday weigh ins because even if it isn't accurate I will at least know if I lost (if it's exactly in the same spot when I weigh - usually). This is another reason why I think using clothes is a better indication of what we have lost. Keep one pair of jeans that you can keep trying on to see if they are looser or not. The scale is frustrating!! I was also wondering what kind everybody else used, but I guess it doesn't make any difference!

  8. I commented on your Monday blog by mistake