Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, also known as hump day and for some people it's weigh in day!

Good day everyone. I am making a real effort to keep up with the blogs and post on those I follow. It really does keep you motivated, inspired, and full of great tips and ideas. Just picked up a great recipe from Jeri, a new website to check out from Katie and motivation from Kay. All with the click of the mouse!

So I am proud to report that those four pounds I picked up over vacation are off. I was surprised, but very happy. I think I did a fist pump in the bathroom! Yay me! I made the recommitment to this plan this weekend. I realize that I don't write down,  I try to keep track in my head and therefore I'm probably way over each day in the sugar and carb area. So I went back to basics. I know I can't go from a carb filled vacation right to fast track eating. For me that would be too restrictive and I don't do well when I feel restricted. So I said baby steps Pattie! Get back to the basics of the belly fat cure. Start tracking. 15 gms of sugar a day, 6 carb servings. It starts with tracking!

Now some days this week, with the crazy work schedule, I would write down, but not add up the s/c values. As you might expect I went over. But that's okay, I was still putting down what went in my mouth and on to the paper. Sometimes I think, when you have been doing something awhile, you think you have it down. That can get you into trouble. I pulled everything out and looked at the label and measured what I was eating. I knew many of the counts on the products I normally eat, but I made myself look them over again just to get back in that habit.

When I first bought the Belly Fat Cure book I was so excited to get started. I wanted to learn all about the program, read the nutritional counts, find new ways to satisfy cravings and eat well. Then I settled in and it became routine and perhaps I got a little lazy at times. For me that's when I get into problems. So back to basics for me. I'm writing and I'm reading. Back from vacation and back on track!

Thought for the day:  A goal without a plan is just a wish - Antoine de Saint-Exupery



  1. I think our vacations were good for both of us, and anyone else who thinks that if they gain some weight, they need to quit. We are good examples of jumping back in and having success. I was with you on the fist pump:)
    The sandwich thins are only 2/2 S/C count. The honey wheat are more, but I don't buy them. They have been a life saver for me. They stay fresh for a long time, they make a good round bun, and they are easy to pack places. I think another reason I like them so much is that when my kids were little we always bought this round farm bread that they loved. Memories!!! Round/round:)
    I think it really helps us be real when we write everything down. I haven't for a long time, but I am such a weird eater and eat the same thing over and over and over:) Well, that and fast food:(
    I am always here for you:)

  2. Pattie, congrats on losing the 4lbs. I think that you have it right when you say you have to keep track of your eating. Even though we have been doing this for a long you can easily over do it if you are not careful. Got to go back to the basics for sure!

  3. Yay for you Pattie!!! Congrats on your fantastic loss!!! I would hack off my right arm to lose 4# in a week...seriously! lol.
    I do beleive after a while we become laxidaisical (spelling?) and its when you go back to the beginning & get down to basics, its there that you find renewal in your commitment & the weight starts coming off again. YOu cant slack. I have found this out the hard way as I feel I did alot of slacking over the summer, hence I didnt have alot of weight loss. (sigh) we live & learn,dont we?
    You keep on keepin on my friend! Slowly but surely we are on the road to success!

  4. vacations are good for the soul! Great job getting those extra pounds back off. And I'm a firm believer in tracking. I think I'll probably have to track for the rest of my life, but I'm starting to come to accept that fact. :)

  5. Yay, Pattie!!! FT or not, keep up what you are doing because it's working! I have the same problem with not writing down what I eat. I need to do that more because all of the little things start to add up and then I get in trouble. Sometimes I wonder how much I've lost because I don't weigh myself (I get a little OCD with scale weight so I won't go there), but I know I have lost because my body has changed! I can actually look in the mirror now and think I can wear a bikini again (even after having 2 9lb kids)! :) This lifestyle (not a diet) WORKS!

  6. Hey Pattie, Great job and I knew you would get that back off.
    I think if you are feeling a bit off, tracking again is a great idea.
    Even after all this time for me I ALWAYS look at labels every time I but something.
    Have a great day :-)