Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is full of surprises!

View from  my kitchen window three days ago.
View from my kitchen window this morning, October 29, 2011!
 Hello everybody. It's a cold, snowy.....yes, I said snowy, Saturday here in PA. What a surprise! This is a little unexpected, but we are actually getting snow. Some parts about an hour or so away from us, will be getting about 8 inches. I think we will get about 1-3. It's not sticking to the roads, but it's definitely a day to stay warm inside. I have lots of "homework" to do for the business, but I just can't get motivated to get started. I was at the office all day yesterday and my mind needs a break. I decided to make that crock pot chili with the pumpkin from the skinnytaste blog. It will be great tonight for dinner. You know we eat out alot, and I can't remember the last Saturday night we ate at home. But we went out with friends last night and Penn State football starts in a few minutes, and it's just that kind of stay at home by the fire kind of night. It's nice to have dinner in the crock pot. I don't use it much, but love when I do and everything is ready at the end of the day.

Saturday night chili!
You know I love all of you, my blogging friends. I really look forward to reading your blogs and hearing about what's going on in your life.When I blog,  I always feel like I need to say more than just what's going in my life. I want to make it interesting, and  give something worthwhile to you. But today when I was reading Kay's blog, and she mentioned how alot of us aren't blogging that much, I realized that I should do it more and not just when I have something important to share. My favorite things to read are the normal posts, the real stuff about your lives. I guess that's why reality TV is so popular. So along with my resolution to be better about tracking what I eat, I want to try and check in, if not every day, then at least every other, and share a slice of my life, whether boring or exciting, pictures or no pictures.

So what's going on in my life? Well work, as you might have guessed. Both of my new girls started and I have high hopes that they will work out great. It's exhausting teaching them because I have so much talking, explaining and demonstrating to do. But they both have office experience and are quick learners. One of them is very overqualified ( Masters in health administration from Cornell!) but she has four girls and wants a part time job and has run a practice before. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for me as far as getting alittle relief. It may be harder on the budget to hire two people, but even if less is coming to my pocket, it will be worth it to get a little of my life back.

Roscoe and Riley
Steve, Roscoe and Riley
Thursday night  my blood pressure was raised a bit. I was sipping a glass of wine in my women cave (den/home office). One dog was on the leather love seat next to me chewing a bone, one was curled up on the chair, and one was on the floor sleeping. The bone dropped and I don't  know what happened, but a big fight occurred. My husband came running in from the other room, and we couldn't pull them apart.There was yelping and growling and teeth showing. We finally did, and I was so upset that they would fight like this. Roscoe, who is the smaller one, really went after Riley, the larger one. Steve, the white one, is getting older and grumpier and I think he may have went for the bone when it dropped,Roscoe reacted to get it and poor Riley got caught in the middle. I'm not really sure, it all happened so fast. Try as I might to replay it in my mind, I still do know how it happened. So when everyone calmed down, I'm petting Riley and telling him it's all right and I happen to look at his neck between his collar bone. There is hugh tear. No blood, just looked like raw flesh. He has alot of loose skin ( who doesn't right?) and when I told my husband to look at it, at first he couldn't even find it. But when he did, he said he needed stitches. So off to the vet he went at 9PM. He came back about 40 minutes later. Turns out the vet said they will have to put Riley to sleep and he will need surgery to put a drain in. Apparently with a wound like that, if you don't do this, fluid can build up under the skin and infection can occur. So Riley spent the night and now he is home and fine. The drain will come out tomorrow, the stitches in a few weeks. $1600 and all is well. The fact that my dogs, who always get along so well, would get into a fight was another surprise for me. I remember this happening once a while ago with two of my great danes, the most gently docile dogs. It also was over a bone. The vet said food, bones can cause this. My son said 'Mom, remember how Mike and I would get into some huge fights growing up and you had to break us up?' I do remember that.  But this still caught me by surprise!

So I'm doing pretty well with my tracking, and it is showing that I have been going over fairly often. I realize that now I have to track before I eat, not after, or at the end of the day as I sometimes do when I'm working. I always know what my breakfasts and lunches are, but when we eat out, and I go home and try to figure out the counts for what I ate, there are often some surprises! There it is again....surprise! So I know some planning before I put it in my mouth will help in this area.

View from my front window.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with good surprises!

Thought for the day: If you expect nothing, you're apt to be surprised. You'll get it. ~ Malcolm Forbes


  1. Ok first off, your little poochies are adorable!! How afwul about the fight & poor Riley having to have surgery! I hope the little guy is alright. We had a lhasa apso a few years back named Buddy. He was so adorable, looked like a little Ewok (Star Wars) but in his old age, he got rather cantankerous & I didnt trust him at all. He was very protective of his food & biscuits. Always had to have the eye on the back of my head on him when kids were over. I always worried he would nip as he had a history of doing that.
    I am not ready for that snow, even tho it is so pretty to look at. You have great views out your windows & a lovely home.
    Enjoy that night in tonite & that yummy chili!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Oh, your poor puppies! That would have totally stressed me out, too!

    Glad you have some help - being overworked is never worth it.

    I noticed that I have the best success when I pre plan my meals, definitely. And it doesn't matter what you pick at a restaurant, it always is over what you would eat at home. So I have to be careful what I eat even more on days I will be eating out.

    I am so not ready for snow.

  3. Your views are beautiful and I can see that your trees are still full of leaves! They are saying on the news that it is causing a lot of problems because the snow sticks to the trees, freezes and then they break and hit power lines etc. I hope you stay warm:)
    I love reality TV which I guess is why I love reading the blogs. I don't care if it has one single thing to do with BFC, I just like hearing about each other's lives. Sometimes I just need a giggle, or a compassionate thought, or a feeling of mutual frustration that I read in a blog.
    Your chili looks good, I will be curious to see what the pumpkin adds. I just do not like pumpkin:(
    The dog story is sad and expensive!!! As nice as most dogs are, they do have hot flashes too:) I'm glad that you found the injury before it got worse. They are adorable!
    Have a great weekend and blog baby blog!!!

  4. Hi Pattie, Isn't this snow just ridiculous this early in the year? We actually love snow (at first), but since Fall is my favorite season I really wanted to enjoy it for awhile before moving on to winter. That same exact thing happened with my two dogs and it was also over a bone. I couldn't get them to stop fighting and we had to wedge a kitchen chair between them and loop a leash over their necks to pull them apart. My dog got stitches too for a huge flap of skin that was hanging above his eye. We never give out big bones now only quick to eat rawhide bones and only when they both get one.
    Let us know how you liked the pumpkin chili. I'm curious as to what it will taste like.
    I was also wondering how your son is doing up in NYC?

  5. Hey Patti, sorry to hear about your dogs fighting. I cant believe how expensive vet care can be, but we will do anything for our babies. I love the views from your beautiful home. It is hard to believe that some areas are getting snow already. How was that chili? I need to find some good BFC recipes for the crock pot. Glad to hear your hired help is working out. Even though it might cost money out of your pocket it will be worth less stress in your life. Happy weekend my friend.

  6. Hi there, I hope everything works out with your 2 new girls.
    On the other hand, you dogs - WOW - that would really upset me too. I always make sure that my 2 have a treat at the same time. My 2 dogs before these 2 fought sometimes and then I found out it was because they were not fixed.
    I never knew that makes them more calm, but now I do and my 2 never fight. I am sorry and hope he is OK.
    Have a great day :-)

  7. Pattie we love hearing from you, please don't feel that it needs to be "intersting" but I understand the feeling. how crazy that it snowed so early. I hope your chili is good, if so you should share the recipe with us. I hope everything works out smoothly with your new hires, I agree having more of your life back is worth having a little less spending money.

    So sorry to hear about your doggies fight, how stressful. I hope Riley has a speedy recovery.

    You are awesome Pattie and I really enjoy you. Keep up the good fight you have a wedding to look amazing for :)

  8. I agree with Katie, we don't care if your blog is interesting or BFC related! We just want to hear from you. I love this group of people because you guys are real and honest! Let me tell you how hard it is to find real and honest in Newport Beach, Calif!!!!! I totally relate to you guys and know that you all are real and sensitive! Everyone here is fake and only cares about material things! Grrr!
    So sorry about your doggies! I'm a huge dog lover, but don't have any doggies since our house is at the beach (across from the beach) and only has a patio. I've grown up with Golden Retrievers and Labs and miss having a dog. We have guinea pigs (as I'm sure you've seen on facebook) and we love them just as much as our dogs! They are so loveable and sweet, but they sure do poop a lot. LOL! I think it's nature that animals fight because even our guinea pigs fight over food and attention. The other night one of our guinea pigs bit the other one because my husband stopped petting one for the other. Boy do they get jealous! :)
    Happy Halloween!

  9. PS---How did you like the pumpkin chili? I have some in the crockpot right now.

  10. Enjoyed your post. Love hearing about peoples lives, food weight related or not. Sorry about your that's expensive. Hopefully your new employees will relieve some of your stress too, after the learning curve that is. Good luck with tracking and meeting your goals.