Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday weigh in!

Thanks for letting my show off my family a little in that last post. I like seeing the photos, because it reminds me how blessed I am. Sometimes we can't see the great things going on in our lives, even though they are right there before our eyes. For me, the obsession with losing weight sometimes casts a cloud over all the sunny spots in my life. Often I realize my mood and outlook are so dependent on whether or not I lost weight, or stuck to my plan. I can turn a perfectly good day into a moody one if I'm not where I think I should be.

When I got up today, I have to confess, I was already moody. I knew it was weigh in day, and I wasn't looking forward to it.I expected to see a gain on that scale. Let's face it, there were those white carbs over the weekend, too many glasses of wine, and too much of even the good stuff. So I hopped on the scale bracing for the results, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost a pound. Hallelujah! Praise God! Good for me!! My mood instantly changed. I felt happy,confident, and ready to forge ahead. I threw on my workout clothes, planned a good breakfast, and set my self up to face the day all happy and proud of myself. Yes I can do this I thought!

REALLY??? FOR ONE POUND!!! That's all it took to turn that frown upside down? So silly isn't it? If it had gone the other way, I would have done a exact opposite turnaround in my mood and my day. I may have skipped the workout, overate for breakfast and set myself up for a Debbie downer sort of day. And that may happen next week. I may be up in weight and down in the dumps once again.

So I'm thinking along with changing my eating habits, I have to change my mood ,and way of thinking too. If I'm on the right path, I'll get to my destination. I've said it before I know, but it's worth repeating to myself. I'm changing my eating habits not just for weight loss, but for better health. And I do feel better now that I have broken up with sugar. I've made changes, I have stopped using artificial sweeteners, and whole grains definitely are a staple in my diet. I've learned new ideas ( loving that lemon coconut bread), made new friends and have a good support system in place. Then there are all the reminders in those photos from my previous post ,of the blessings I have in my life. People who love me no matter what I weigh.

This is life. This is a journey. There will be good days and bad days, sunshine and rain. I'm hoping for more of the former though, and lots and lots of sunshine!

P.S. Shout out to Kay for reaching her goal!!! Congrats and happy moods to you!

Thought for the day: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.


  1. Hey Pattie! You know, it's an easy path to take. I find myself doing the same thing - good weigh in days make for happy moods, bad weigh in days the opposite. Part of why I weigh in daily is to take some of the power away from the scale. When it moves up and down so much it's easier to take the number for what it is, a snapshot of the contents of your stomach or the hydration level of your body.

    happy day 91! :)

  2. OMG do I identify with your post and the dang scale. I am really happy for your on the 1 lb. I want to thank you for your congrats to me. You think I have really accomplished something right? Well if you average out my weight loss over the last 6 months, it is about 1 lb a week. Granted in the beginning I lost a lot faster, but I was also a lot more dedicated. I have really been a bad girl about a lot of things, but a good girl most of the time. Your body has to have a 3500 calorie deficit a week to lose 1 lousy lb. That is why it is so discouraging to so many people. It seems dang near impossible. When it is coming off really fast, it is usually waste and water anyway. Fat is what we want to say bye-bye to.
    I ate a whole lemon bar today and it tasted like Heaven:)

  3. Hi Pattie, Somehow I missed your last post. Just read it and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures!! Your family is beautiful and you all seem so close to each other - which I love! I think it's great that you're down a pound! I was just saying that it's sometimes not the number so much as the downward trend we are looking for. I went back to the basics and it seems to be helping me so far. Now that the craziness of summer is done it will be easier to stay on track I think.

  4. Hey Girl, a pound is a pound and it all adds up. I really identify with the mood thing. I was like that all the time before. Hubby would ask, what is your weight today? And I would say I DON"T KNOW grrr... Even though I did and I knew it was up.
    I just mad some coconut bread w/cinnamon, walnuts, a bit of vanilla (ran out), and some almond extract. I made it into 8 tiny mini loafs. they look cute. It's cooled now and I didn't try it yet -but I'm sure it will be good.

    Try not to let the scale rule us!
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Hey Pattie thanks for sharing such a great post and I know we have all been in the same boat many many times. Congrats on the weight loss and glad that made a change in your mood for the day lol.

  6. Pattie I love your blog. You, Rosalie, and Kay are my biggest inspirations right now. I have 50+ pounds to take off, and it's taken me awhile to just take off 10. Thanks!

  7. Linda, hope you see this message. Jump on the slow loser bandwagon with me. I am not the perfect student by far, but I'll take a slow loss over no loss. I'm so happy that you've found support on these blogs. When I have time, I read back on older blog posts. There is a lot of information and motivation in those posts. You will reach your goal. Just stay connected with all of us. That is what is making the difference with me this time!

  8. Thanks Pattie, you're a sweetie. I have another 2 months to catch up on Rosalies blog.