Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi....Remember me?

Hello to all my blogging buddies and followers. I feel like I have been away to some far away land without any way to communicate. In fact, that far away land has been my time consuming, reluctant job, as a practice manager for my husbands medical practice. It has literally taken so much of my time, especially this week, because one of my office workers was on vacation, and another recently left because the job was conflicting with all of her motherly responsibilites. So everything fell on me this week. I had my job to do (charges, checks, bills, dicatation, letters, problem solving), plus that of two others (front desk work, receptionist, appt. maker).  I was stressed before, but this week was really hard. So much to do, and so little time.

One positive thing did happen. I finally did what I have been saying I was going to do, and put an add on Craig's list for some part time office help. I was overwhelmed with all the responses. Out of maybe 125, I was able to sift through and find the top 20. I started interviewing on Friday, and really liked the first woman that came. Tomorrow I have two more coming. I feel hopeful that the one woman tomorrow will be just perfect and I can stop right there.We had a really good conversation on the phone and she is so over qualified, I'm not sure why she would want this job ( MBA from Cornell), but I really got a good vibe from just talking to her, and she could really handle the administrative stuff, probably better than me.  I am thinking of hiring them both, and then I can really cut back on what I do. It will be less money in my pocket if we hire two people, but I'm telling you, I am starving for some time to myself. I still pay all the bills, manage the homes, pets and cars, and run all the home stuff, so it's not like I'll be sitting around eating sugar free bon bons!

I tried to keep up with everybody through google reader. It's quick and puts all my followed blogs in one place, but the problem is that I can't comment. If I'm wrong about that, please let me know how to do it. I need all of  you and the support that we give each other. I really struggled this week, and I'm feeling frustrated because I just go from work, to bed, and repeat! I promise that I will not give up on me, my BFC or blogging. I feel a commitment to keep in touch with everyone, and I'm sure that will be the difference for me this time. But for the time being, I am just going to try and post whenever I can, and not put pressure on myself in that area too. Despite this being a crappy week, and coming home on Friday to find out that my cat had died ( he was 17 years old and in failing health so it was expected, but still hard to find him after a long day of work),  I find out that my son got a job in NYC and had to get an apartment ( I use that term loosely!) quickly. He needed us to be the guarantor, get forms notorized, get certified checks for his downpayment. This all needed to be done within 24 hours. He is so excited, and this job is with a big real estate company in New York. Yesterday my husband took him to get some suits, and a mattress. Today I took him to get all the household goods.  We still have more to do, but all of this couldn't have come at a busier time. But I just keep saying that in two weeks, I'll be sipping wine among the vineyards and will get some time to relax. Okay, then There, it's all out. I feel better already venting some of this. Sorry for pouring out all my frustrations.

In the weight department, I was up alittle, then back down now. Misssed my official weigh in on purpose because I didn't want to know or post it. I have to work on that because I have to own it to change it right? Still doing fine with the sugar, but struggling to stay within the carb limits. Yesterday I finally made time to make the lemon coconut bread. I love it for a snack, and I'm so glad to  have it in my fridge for this busy week ahead. I followed the way Rosalie made it, but here's just an example of how crazy I am right now. Her recipe calls for two tabs of cream cheese. This morning I found the container of cream cheese in the cupboard where I keep the cereal, sugar, stevia. In my haste I put it back when I put the stevia back. It should have gone in the batter, then back in the fridge!!! I swear I'm starting to lose it.

So this morning, after a much needed good night's sleep, I woke up and rememberd a recipe I used to make back in the day when I was following the plan Body for Life. This plan is not too different from the BFC, and it stresses frequent meals, an exercise program and eliminating sugar and white carbs. The main difference is to follow the plan for six days and then on the seventh day ( any day you choose), you get to have a cheat day and eat whatever you want.  The had some good recipes that I will fit right in with the BFC. You can find them on the web site if you google Body for Life.I used to love the power pancake recipe. I couldn't find my recipe card, so I looked it up online. It seemed alittle different, but I made it and it was so good. Here's how it goes:

1/2 cup oatmeal ( I used regular)
1/2 cup cottage cheese
3 egg whites
dash of cinnamon
vanilla ext ( I used 1/4 tsp)
stevia ( I used 1 pkt Truvia)

Blend eggs and cottage cheese in blender or food processor. Add rest of ingredients and process until smooth. Heat a large pan, spray with non stick spray. Pour batter in pan. Cook on low until bottom is set. Flip over and cook other side.

If you are not a pancake expert, I find the mistake most people make, is flip them too soon, and that makes a mess. With pancakes, you wait until bubbles form on the top, but it doesn't happen with this pancake. Cook over low heat and use a big wide spatula to flip. I got to be an excellent pancake maker as my kids wanted them most every morning. Then we moved onto Belgain waffles. I read that this batter will work in a waffle maker too. Some people also added protein powder.  Another thought is baking powder might make it rise a bit too.
Delicious seved with alittle butter and some josephs sugar free syrup.

This is an easier recipe I think than Jorge's recipe. So quick too. The s/c value would be 5/2 The oatmeal has 27 carbs, and the cottage cheese 6. The cottage cheese has 4 sugars and the oatmeal 1. It's very filling and was warm and delicious.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for listening. Until next time!

Thought for the day:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder!


  1. Pattie I used to make those pancakse - they are yummy! I have made them in muffin tins, too. They are pretty good as muffins spread with a little butter and jam. yum! Sorry to hear you are so busy lately. Hopefully the interviews go well! I don't use blogger reader, because it doesn't work right for me at all. I know, no help for you! :)

  2. Pattie, I feel so bad for you and the week you've had! How horrible to come home and find out your pet has died - I'm so sorry! I think hiring both woman would probably be an excellent idea! I think sometimes our husbands forget that we still have a house to run, regular bills to pay, plus kids and pets to take care of, of top of business stuff. At least mine does. I'm so excited for your son - Congrats! I hope everything works out well for him. Those pancakes look DELICIOUS!! I think I'm going to do the Fast Track Challenge and may start a little early, so I'll save the recipe for when I'm finished. Hope this coming week is better for you!

  3. Thank you Beth and Dawn. I didn't mean to dump all my frustrations out on the blog,but boy what a tough week. Hope this one is better! Thanks for the kind words of support!

  4. The exact reason that we are here is to "dump all of your frustrations"! It not only helps us all to write it down, but it helps us all to know we are not alone in this journey called "life"! I think it would be a GRAND idea for you to hire both gals. If one doesn't work out, you have another one to help with the extra work the next time. I can't imagine doing all that you do! Pat yourself on the back, grab a glass of wine and celebrate yourself!
    That is so exciting for your son. NY??? wow!!! I would love to see properties that he will see!
    Blog when you can, be good 90% of the time and try and find some Pattie time! That is the recipe for success.
    You will get to where I am, we will just have to be blog buddies for a few more months:)

  5. Pattie, what a busy stressful week you've had. I hope this week is better. You should pamper yourself this week. Treat yourself. I haven't looked at my google reader in a while, but when I did I'd glance thru & comment on certain ones. With google reader my tendancy was to not click on the blog to open it. So it really was just a reader for me. :)

  6. Pattie sorry to hear about your cat, it's always sad even if it is expected. Congrats on your son's new job, how exciting. Take care of yourself this week, don't put yourself in last place.

  7. OK that's it!! I'm coming over there right now!! (I wish)
    you are not dumping at all. This is what we ave our little group for, to let it all out. Wether it be good or bad.
    You cat died happy and I'm sure you will miss him. Those pancakes look great.
    Have a great day and take a little time for you. :-)

  8. Pattie, here is a big old hug for you. Sorry to hear about your cat that is always hard losing your family pet. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It makes me feel I am not alone and struggling with my diet. Hey we are all human right and not perfect by any means. I am glad you posted a ad on craigslist for some help. I work in medical and do similar work like you and I know how stressful it can be. Maybe soon you will be able to have some me time.

  9. What a week indeed! Holy cow, how have you been doing it all?? I think I would be drinking heavily (and I dont drink! haha!) if I had to fanangle all of that! I agree, think you should hire both. I think it will allow you more efficient use of your time. I am so sorry to hear about your cat too. My dog Buddy (he was a lhasa apso & looked like a little Ewok from star Wars) died a few yrs ago when I was at a Mary Kay LEadership convention. My husband & kids came home & found hime dead in the kitchen. Made me so sad because he didnt deserve to die alone. That broke my heart. He was a good dog but had a cantankerous side at times. My heart goes out to you...they are part of the family.
    I will say a prayer that life slows down for you my friend. Hang in there & know that we are all here to listen so dump away!
    Hugs to you!!!