Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hanging my head in shame!

Good morning everyone. Why is it that it takes so long to take a few pounds off, and it comes back so fast? Today is my weigh in day, and I am up again. Up by four pounds! Now I will rationalize and say that I am pre menstrual, I did have soy sauce with my sushi last night, and it could be some water weight. I'm sure it is. But I'm going to be honest and say that that might account for a pound or two, but not four.

How did I let that great weight reading I had on the scale a few weeks ago get away from me? How did it happen so fast?  Sadly, I know the answers. I didn't track my food, didn't write it down, strayed too much on the carbs, maybe had an extra glass of wine or two, ate too late in the evening, didn't get enough sleep, let my stress get the better of me and didn't take enough time for me. I know I need to blog to get my emotions and thoughts out. I need to check in with my blogging buddies. I know what to do. I have the answers! Doing it is quite another thing. There really is not alot of margin for error when you are trying to lose weight. Just a few steps in the wrong direction can undo all the previous good that you have done.

So, I'm getting right back up on the horse I just fell off of! I ordered the Fast Track book recently, even though I have the kindle version. Guess what was it was in the mailbox this morning? Is that a sign or what??  I need to keep that book visible on my kitchen counter. I made two slices of canadian bacon for breakfast and topped it with a little shredded cheese and 2 poached eggs. Drank my coffee and a big glass of water. So off to a good start. I need carbs, and I know that I could never be a long time fast tracker, but just to give me a boost this week, before I leave on vacation, I'm going to follow it as best I can.

I don't feel worthy to be in the same league as all those I admire who have succeeded ( Amber, Rosalie, Dawn, Kay) and reached their goal. I feel like a phony, and a failure. But one day I'm going to be posting about my maintainence. It may take me ten years (oh please God, don't let it take me ten years!!!!) but I have to do it. I have the tools, I have the support, and I have the knowledge. I'm not going to let a little slip, turn into a big fall.

On a positive side this week, I did bake cookies to send to my son at college and I had not one! Also I baked a cheese cake for my son who is leaving on Friday, and again I didn't have any! Last night at sushi dinner, I didn't eat  any of the batter fried banana and fruit plate they bring out at the end. The sugar cravings have left me. Now I have to control those carbs, the good ones and the bad ones. Also I have taken some steps to relieve some of my work stress and obligations. We have two very promising women who came to interview. I'm quite certain we will hire them in the near future. And lastly, in the
'look what I did that was positive' category, I went to the gym three times last week (early at 6AM ) and I walked the dogs several time. So it's not all bad!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! Until next time.

Thought for the day:  Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. ~Jim Rohn

Thought for the day:


  1. Pattie, there is NO shame to be had. You have had a lot going on and if this was one of our weeks, you would be offering encouragement. If it makes you feel better, I was up 1.5 lbs this morning!!! Ugh:) I won't let you off the hook though as far as you really do have to "do" it for it to work. I think your idea to do the fast track and get the sugar/carbs our of your system for a week will be a good start to having the cravings gone when you go on vacation. It sounds like we will both be at our favorite places at the same time. I plan to fully enjoy my vacation and so should you. Within reason! You can do this and I for one am here to help! I had 2 bites of the damn pie last night and I felt kind of sicky even when I went to bed.
    I did buy canadian bacon! Yay!!! Believe it or not we are taking some to Hawaii and some sandwich thins, so we can make some lunches some of the days. We get to where we just crave something normal to eat. The food there is really expensive in the grocery stores.
    Head up, today is a new day. Breakfast is good...Cure...this is a cure....:)

  2. FYI, with the new format on my blog, you have to click the heading for the whole blog to appear:) Thanks!

  3. Hey Pattie, I shame. I had a slip up Monday night & felt totally defeated. I realized it was just one slip up & recommitted to my healthy lifestyle. I really did feel defeated, so I get it. You'll get there! Keep the faith. We'll do it together, although I have further to go than you ;). Love your thought of the day. Think I'll put it on facebook & my blog. Have a great day.

  4. I LOVE THE THOUGHT OF THE DAY! Love, love, love it!

    And you know we've all had weeks like this. I can easily gain 4 pounds in a week of no tracking, etc. etc. Just remember, every meal counts, positively or negatively. You can get back on track with every meal! Great job for today's breakfast!

    Also, Pattie, it took me over 4 years to get to my goal. You gotta just keep picking yourself back up and moving on. It will happen!

    Every time in the past that I've gone in the wrong direction it was because I stopped doing what I should *and* stopped checking in with like minded people. If you keep checking in, you will keep getting back on track. And that's what we want! xoxo

    Ok, one last thing. Taking out wheats and most grains has really helped me with craving those things. I did it for 2 months, and this month I'm back on wheat, and it's harder. Much harder. Because I can 'just have one slice o that bread.' But then it's hard to stop. Easier when I can't have one. And it saves room for my two glasses of red. I'm having a hard time keeping to the 6 carbs now that I'm back on wheats. Something to think about...

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my sweet blogger buddies. I love you all and wish I could hug you in person. I feel better, and I'm going forward, because I won't go back!

  6. Hang in there Pattie you will get to where you want to be. Try and stay away from the white carbs they are not your friend. Big hugs :)

  7. Pattie, I feel your pain but dont be to hard on yourself I can be up 5lb in just a couple of days and then be back down so give it some time. You have had lots of stress and we all know what that can cause. And yes be proud of all the things you have done....we are here for you and believe me I have slipped many of times but we live and learn and as long as we get back on the horse we will conquer this.

  8. Listen, You Are NOT a FAILURE. you know I have told you that my weight goes up and down 2lbs all the time. It might have been a combo of everything you mentioned, but its not as bad as it sounds. Just don't give up cause I KNOW you CAN do it!! I know it feels bad but just keep going - Don't Stop, and this too shall pass.
    Have a great day :-)

  9. Hi Pattie, I know how you feel since I'm a relative new comer to the BFC compared to a lot of the other bloggers. I'm impatient and want to hurry up and lose the big numbers like everyone else. But we can't forget that they were once where we are now. I figure we are just in it for the long haul. It might be our age, the stresses in our life now, or hormone stuff, but we are just not going to lose as fast as we used to! Since we have to commit to this for so long I'm at least glad that I like what we are able to eat on this plan, especially now that I have my little "treats" that I look forward to each day like the dark chocolate, my chocolate tea and my coffee with heavy cream. It helps to avoid other stuff when I know I can have those "belly good" treats later.