Sunday, July 3, 2011

From sea to shining sea!

Good morning all. I have been awol for a few days. We are at our vacation home this week. We used to travel in the summer with the kids, but since we bought this house near the beach several years ago, we try to spend a few full weeks down here, as well as every summer and fall weekend. This week I might try to give myself a little break form my blog,  and twitter, facebook addiction. I really do enjoy keeping in touch with all of you and I promise not to follow the trend of so many bloggers to drop off after awhile. You all help keep my accountable. Just this week it may be nice to use my laptop sparingly as a mental break. It will be harder to stay off my smart phone, so if you are on twitter follow me @pmc1720.

For me being at the beach is an instant calming factor. You can't feel stressed or troubled while sitting on the beach, with a good book, watching the waves roll in and out. The seagulls and salt air, ocean breezes and soft sand, all provide a much needed respite from the stress of everyday life. For me it's a change of scenery and so oftern changing my routine can mean some trouble in the eating department.

So I find myself sitting here this morning, and thinking back to what I actually ate yesterday, and the day before. For me not remembering, means there were things I shouldn't have eaten. I'm starting to sense a common thread here. When my routine changes, so does my eating. That will be a challenge for me because my life is not routine for the most part. Last week was a cooking weekend in Oklahoma, this week a July 4th celebration, and I still have the whole summer to go through, then the holidays and on it goes.

At the beach we usually have lots of family down and long days at the beach concluding with happy hours in the early evening. We BBQ, eat out and there are always temptations as family members arrive with bags of goodies.There are times I could make better choices, but I lose track of my plan when surrounded with all the temptations laid out before me. Here's a photo of a typical summer weekend with family and friends at the beach.
So it's a new morning and the shore has just been bombarded with thunder storms and rain. The sky is clearing and I thinnk it will be a nice day after all. I'm going to make my breakfast now, and it will be good  for me BFC breakfast. My favorite is two poached eggs and some shredded cheese and chia seeds on two slices of ezekial. I brought lots of stuff that is good for me to eat. I will stay away from the banana bread and bagels. The watermelon, blueberry and mint salad might be a challenge!!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone. Goodbye for now!

Thought for the day: We all have the freedon to make the choices best for us!


  1. How awesome that you have a beach house! I agree with you it is hard to be stressed when at the beach. And a change in scenery and a change in routine often make good eating hard...I think it's because when we are away from what we do all the time we want to indulge because we think we deserve it, or because we think we will be missing out on something.

    Just keep truckin, with the knowledge that staying away from belly bad foods will mean you will feel better in your beach clothes later in the season. You are such a neat person and I really enjoy reading your blog :) Have a great time at the beach.

  2. Enjoy the beach, it is my dream to someday hear the ocean waves lulling me to sleep at night...every night! Your pictures are beautiful. If it makes you feel any better, I was up 3 lbs today! Ugh!!! Tuesday is a new day!

  3. the pictures are beautiful. I hope you had a good time and didn't stress too much about the food.
    Have a great day today :-)